Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Do you believe in New Year's Resolutions? I do, but I'm the kind of superstitious person who takes their horoscope seriously.. I often set myself goals and think I should patent the phrase: "New Week's Resolution". I'm yet to have 100% success with them but I think the more you try the better you get at it. So this year instead of setting a resolution along the lines of "I won't do any of this all year" or "I'll always do this all year" (did I hear someone say practice?) I'm setting resolutions as tangible almost physical goals, with greater specificity (I might have made up that phrase). Also I have a few big resolutions and then a bunch of smaller goals which will be adjusted on a smaller time frame. In fact, I much prefer to call them goals. The following big goals are in no particular order:

1. Run a half marathon - this one feels a bit ambitious but I think it's still within my reach. I ran the City to Surf 14K run in 2011 and this year I'm aiming for the Blackmores Half Marathon as part of the Sydney Running festival clocking up 21.0975 kilometres. I'm not aiming for speed or anything, I just want to make it from beginning to end without stopping. No walking allowed!

2. Practise orchestral parts - did you know that I got a fellowship with the Sydney Symphony? (like I haven't mentioned it a bunch of times already =) Well I normally don't practise orchestral music and now that I will be amongst professionals I'm not going to rely solely on my sight-reading skills anymore: time to get to work. I refuse to make a fool of myself!

3. Be good enough to audition for a professional job - this one starts this month with intense technical practice. January will be the month of getting-awesome-skillz. After that I will set other goals and will probably be practising excerpts instead of studies.

4. Be a better friend - so I'm actually going to write and post letters to my overseas friends as well as friends who live in other parts of Australia. There will also be birthday cards and this might be will be the year I get myself organised enough to send Christmas cards. Last year (2012) I had a very similar resolution because I was going to Germany and didn't want to have friendships fade and I did quite well with it I think; sending postcards and birthday cards (and sometimes even presents!) as well as writing emails. I am totally in love with writing letters, there's something a lot more personal and romantic about it, and so that's what I'll be doing this year.

5. Be more vegetarian - the wording of this one has probably got you twigged to the fact that I'm not entirely sure about this resolution.. I really like the idea of vegetarianism but I often don't have the willpower (mmm chicken..) so here are some things I'm going to try: if there is left-over meat/meat that will go to waste if I don't eat it then I will eat it and I will cook vegetarian food at home. Also when I'm out I think I'll try to stick more to seafood for a while before ousting meat totally.

6. Finish knitting my blanket - I started knitting a blanket from a Debbie Abrahams book at least 2 years ago and this year I would love to finish it. Out of 64 squares I have completed 5 so it's going to be a hard slog. According to my maths that means I'll have to do about 5 squares a month.

7. Complete the German book I study with - instead of saying "be fluent at German" or something a bit scary like that I've decided to just try getting all the way through my German book.

8. Be more assertive - I have a little problem of being a bit of a pushover or not being brave enough to say what I want or be totally clear about so this is a personality thing I would really like to improve upon this year. Obviously there are no clear steps as to how to go about this but already today I have tried not to bottle stuff up and just tried saying the things I want to say. This is really quite a daunting goal for me.

Now for the smaller goals for this month:

  • Complete the blog coding course that I got that will enable me to set up my site better and do things the way I want to.
  • Practise viola 6 days a week, two hour sessions.
  • Start regular 4K runs three times a week.
  • Mend the clothes in the "need-to-be-mended" pile of my sewing cupboard.
  • Read a bit of non-fiction everyday - I did a blog post on books I would like to read and I was lucky enough that someone thoughtful got me one of them for Christmas. It's hugely thick but I'm going to get stuck into it.
  • Knit more - I don't think it's feasible to do a bit of knitting every day but I will certainly try.
  • Revise the chapters in my German book that I have already done.

Research shows (no, I'm not going to add footnotes of which papers to read) that writing down your goals will help you achieve them. So now they're here in writing! I'm going to re-evaluate at the end of the month and see how I go. 

Happy New Year from Sydney! And good luck with all your resolutions =)

Image from here. No I didn't take this pic.. I had a good view, but not this good =)

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