Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY - Fridge Magnets

Remember how I almost did this one a week ago? Well I finally hopped to it and did it! I'll just remind you that I got the idea from this segment on "A Beautiful Mess" blog.

You will need:

  • Sculpting clay that you bake in the oven. I used "FIMO" and bought it at Eckersleys. I had a very white colour which I ended up disliking, so next time I will try a more beige colour.
  • Rolling pin.
  • Cookie cutters. I liked mixing mine up with some interesting shapes (which were just sitting around my house btw, didn't go out and buy any new ones).
  • Baking needs. So baking paper and a tray.
  • Acrylic paints. To make them beautiful!
  • Magnets. I used Hobby Line magnets and they were awesome. They had bits to peel off so no need for super glue!
What to do:

It is at this point I reach my first disappointment (I have decided that all DIY's will result in slight disappointment because there is no way it can be as amazing as you imagined it to be or as gorgeous as what you've [and that means "I've"] seen on other blogs). When I rolled the clay out to about 5mm thick it only made a small amount of stuff to work with. Somehow I was imagining more.. (I had three other super cool insect cookie cutters to use too, evidenced by the first photo). So I only fit 3 bugs on my clay, see above.

Note: useful tip! Roll the clay out on a piece of baking paper, hang the baking paper over the edge of the counter so you can lean on it and it won't drag with your rolling pin. The clay is quite sticky so it's better than trying to get it off the counter.

I'm becoming a fan of the photo instruction method, but in case you're a feeling a bit thick today I will spell it out for you:
  1. Roll out the clay to about 5mm thick (or thin. Glass half empty?)
  2. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters.
  3. Bake according to clay instructions. For mine I put them in an oven about 120 degrees celsius and let them roast for about 25 minutes.
  4. Cool.
  5. Paint.
  6. Attach magnets.
  7. Stick awesome posters to fridge.

So my dragonfly broke a little in my overexcitement with getting the cookie cutter off it/it out of the cookie cutter. Anyway, continued with the baking!

Note: poster from last year's last issue of Frankie magazine.

My favourite is the ladybug.

Did this all make sense? It's very late here whilst I write this post so maybe it's a little nonsensical..

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  1. They look awesome! I like the chubby caterpillar/grub best!