Monday, January 28, 2013

On Fashion Rioting

Ok, so I lifted my shopping ban for one very special occasion last week and that was the Lover sale that was advertised on Missy Confidential. Back in September a pretty amazing Lover dress was up on my wish-list and I was secretly hoping that it might be there.. Lover is known for it's lace so I was hoping to pick up something along that line. I have never been to one of these sales in Sydney before so it was quite amazing to arrive there half an hour early and see a healthy queue of people waiting for it to start; there were at least 30 people ahead of me! I prepared myself for a fashion riot. There has been one other occasion where I have been involved in a fashion riot and that's when I was in Denmark for the release of Marni for H&M. I had planned exactly the items that I wanted and was prepared for a bit of a stampede (considering most designer collaborations with these kind of superstores tend to sell out within a few hours). I got to H&M at 8am and waited for it to open at 10am; I was the first there! (and it was raining.. typical Denmark winter). I couldn't believe I was first in line, I was a little embarrassed but also a little excited because I figured it meant I wouldn't miss out on the things I wanted. Here's the video of the ad for it:

My heart was absolutely set on the dress the girl wears in the first shot, with the spots. But I was a newbie, after so much waiting, the doors to the shop were opened and I tentatively walked in. Suddenly all these people were pushing around and I had to grab whatever I could! I ended up getting my hands on one of the spotty dresses but it was the wrong size.. I was devastated! I will never make this mistake again (I bought the dress anyway and I'm going to try and get it altered so it fits a bit better). As well as the dress I got a skirt, a top, a bag, and a lot of bangles. I also made some friends in the line:

The man who was second in line was shopping on behalf of his daughter. What a cool Dad!!

Anyway, the Lover sale was not nearly as bad as this and I happily bought a pair of pink leather shorts and the skirt version of the dress featured on my wish-list (also check it out on their website)!! Prices were quite reasonable, in my opinion. Items that were rather recent seasons were still pretty pricey but at least a good 40-50% off. Seasons long gone were even quite cheap! The range of clothing on offer was also excellent, a lot of different sizes, from 6-14, and a lot of different items: dresses, swimswear, capes, pants etc etc.

I swear there is a better point to all this chatter and it comes in the Outfit Misfit that will be posted tomorrow =)

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