Sunday, January 6, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Recently, over Christmas, I went to Quirindi. Not the town as such, but a property about 10 minutes drive out of the town. So it felt like the perfect backdrop for an outfit I had planned for a while: my Australian-patterned wattle dress. I got it a few years ago in Melbourne at a little store called Kinki Gerlinki, which started out getting interesting pieces from overseas and now it's mostly dominated by their own label of the same name. You might have guessed how patriotic I am about Australian fashion so it's nice to have this print so beautifully done in a dress shape so easy to wear and by an Australian designer no less (there is also tulle under the skirt, you know I like a bit of tulle).

Thanks to my brother for taking the pictures. I'm standing at the gate to the paddock where horses used to be (and I remember cows being around too but I was pretty small)
 You might call it hipster, I like to call it .. well I don't know what I call it.. but apparently wearing little boots like this and pretty socks like that with a dress is pretty hipster. I don't really care if it's hipster or not because I think it looks good. And boots are just the practical thing, in this kind of setting.

A bird's-eye view of above-mentioned hipster footwear.
Dress - Kinki Gerlinki
Boots - Wittner
Socks - Alannah Hill

Lastly, for all my international readers, I thought you might like to see what the wattle plant actually looks like. It's really beautiful but very powdery so if you were to wear a black cardigan and brush up against it you'd be left with a lot of little yellow powdery bits all over you.
Image from here.
P.S I hope you're all jealous of our beautiful country. Sure it's hot and dry, but the beauty of that huge expanse of land...

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