Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Ok, ok so I was on a roll: blogging almost every day and maintaining my regular segments on the right days! But then I went to Canberra and was distracted with more interesting things and slow phone-hotspot internet.. (I know: interesting things in Canberra, shocking! =P) Anyway, as confucius say: better late than never. It's better for me to wean myself off this motto though seeing as I spend most of my life running around late for things.. So here is Outfit Misfit post on a Tuesday:

Avert your eyes anyone that doesn't want to see me in a bikini! I'm obsessed with the beach and I decided that I would go there as many times as I could this month, before real work has to begin in February. Swimsuits are such a difficult thing to get right.. I find it's hard to get a bikini top that doesn't make my chest look like that of a 12 year old boy's. This cut seems to be working well though so I should discover more halter-neck fashion for my wardrobe I think. I own one bikini bottom, two bikini tops, and a one-piece. The most recent bikini top purchase was just this month in the post-Christmas sales so here it is:

Check out my awesome beach mat! Super cool Christmas present which has revolutionised my beach-going: makes lying on the sand so comfortable! 
The water is so clear!
The friend that picked out my new bikini top was shocked that I wasn't going to buy the matching bottoms; but I think that mixing bikini tops and bottoms can be quite successful. Even though one learns in primary school blue and orange are pretty opposite on the colour wheel, I think the more contrasting the colours are the easier it is to pull it off (note: my other bikini top is purple).

Bikini top: Seafolly
Bikini bottom: Zimmermann

And I thought you might like a picture of my new favourite little beach (Castle Rock, in Balgowlah Heights). It has clear water with fishies, an ice cream boat that comes around (like an ice cream truck!) and is just all-in-all beautiful.

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