Monday, January 7, 2013

Something Old, Something New

For the first Play-List post of this year I thought I might just pick my favourite album finds of last year.

First up is the album In Light by the Givers. If you're looking for something upbeat then this is it, I remember hearing the first song Up Up Up on the radio and instantly feeling the energy so I thought I'd give the whole album a go. It's really awesome when you download an album in blind faith and turn out to love every second of it. Clicky clicky me to visit the post where I shared the song Atlantic.

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 Next is this album An Awesome Wave by alt - J. My friend Katherine put me on to it when she sat down and showed me the super-trippy video that goes with the song Breezeblocks and again, I downloaded the whole album in blind faith. I love all of it and other particular favourites include: Matilda, Fitzpleasure, and Ms. They've got a really interesting sound so I hope that you like it too..
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And lastly, for my favourite new-found single song this year it has to be Daniel Johnston with his True Love Will Find You In The End:

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