Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Sometimes I like to present both the old and new musical choices in a similar vein; ones that make me feel the same sort of emotion. This week is the complete opposite: firstly happy(!), then I'll get all depressed.

First up, and most cheerfully, is the "Bird" Quartet (op.33 no.3) by Haydn. I did a wedding gig recently where we got to play some background music (I always find the weddings where we do more than just the requested ceremony songs to be the most interesting). We found this Haydn Quartet at the back of the folder and thought we'd give it a go. This fourth movement is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time and I absolutely loved playing it:

Now for the depressing part. This song was introduced to me by a good friend long ago and I have been trying to find a downloadable version of it since then (it just isn't on iTunes!). It's called "You and Onions" by Meiko; I bought an album of hers (the self-titled one) and it just isn't as good as this song. I think it's the quirky lyrics that really do it for me. Poor little hotdog.. =( Check out the video with a cute little animation:

I hope you enjoyed those two! (Actually, in the end I just hoped you listened to them..)

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