Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trend Tracker Tuesday

There's a reason why my weekly wish-list is always on Wednesday, I love alliteration; so I think I'll use Tuesdays as a day to voice my opinions on trends. The last time I did this segment I was a fan of the trend I was tracking: all white; this time, not so much. I have always wondered at the longevity of the trend that is: leopard print. It's lasted through the ages and I'm not entirely sure why. I don't think it makes many people look good (i.e. is slimming/classy/pretty/interesting/brings out any particular skin tone) and it only goes with black, or maybe red. Every time I hear "leopard print" I visualise a 45 year old Italian woman in a blouse that's too tight with garish red lipstick and talon-like fingernails.

What got me started today was an image Moda Operandi posted on Instagram yesterday:

Image from here

Scratch the above comment: it also goes with khaki. Maybe it's time to change my mind about this one.. I mean, if everyone is doing it doesn't that mean something is right about it?

No. I think I'll stick firmly to my belief that it looks all in all pretty crass. Take these red carpet examples, for example:

Image from here.
Image from here.
Image from here.

Image from here.
I don't find any of the above outfits to be flattering, interesting or even just pretty, and don't even get me started on the reflective surfaces of the last picture.. I think Rihanna (in the second picture) has done the best job of wearing all-out leopard but I think it's probably best for the general public that I refrain from going out and buying a revealing leopard print evening dress.

So maybe in order for this trend to be a success in real life on a real life person (e.g. me) then perhaps it only needs to be done on a small scale. Maybe I can start with a shoe.. (just the one?). Time to start Mission: FindleopardprintIlike. I decided to go on to a few sites: AnthropologieModclothASOS and Net-a-porter and try and find a leopard print piece from each that I liked.

The best I could find from the selection on Anthropologie was this skinny belt.. And I'm not sure I like it much:

Check it out.
Modcloth had a larger range of leopard print items but none of them took my fancy. This is the only thing I might possibly wear out of the whole bunch:

Learn to Jungle sweater.

ASOS had 20 pages of clothes that look like animal skin and none of it was something I would ever wear (ok, so I only browsed 3 of the 20 pages but that was enough to consolidate my opinion of the rest of the collection). So instead of something I would wear I am going to put up a picture of something I wouldneverinmylifebecaughtdeadwearing, for laughs:

Check it out from all angles here.
Net-a-porter is the winner with a steady 3 pages to browse and a total of 3 items that I actually like!

How about these Charlotte Olympia kitty flats? With the embroidered cat's face on the front they're not as cliché as the typical leopard print loafers.

I find myself actually kind of loving this RED Valentino leopard-intarsia sweater. Maybe it's because I'm just learning how to knit intarsia and it's a complete mind-boggle so I'm appreciating the technique, or maybe it's tulle (something coming up more and more often) yoke.. Whatever the reason, this is my favourite piece.

I know I said I found 3 items on net-a-porter but I changed my mind about the third.. how can one follow the Valentino sweater?

Results of Mission: FindleopardprintIlike returned not a single dress. I think that says something. So to all you people out there who wear these leopard print dresses: where did you find them? do you look good in them? how did you achieve this?

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