Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Let's talk leather goods. Just this morning I was thinking about what in my wardrobe needs replacing. Let's face it, I pretty much have everything I need and all the things I want are just extras on top of that.. However, there are a few things which are looking worse for wear and won't last too much longer: my  handbag (which I absolutely love but was bought second hand on eBay so I have to realise it's not looking as good anymore), my Mimco wallet, my go-to skinny belt (a navy blue number which came with a dress I bought in Paris) and my one and only pair of skinny jeans. So today on my wish-list I thought I'd compile a bunch of leather goods (we'll examine the jeans dilemma another time) and I may have gotten over-excited with internet browsing... (N.B: a lot of this is just dreaming)

First we have a Miu Miu Matalesse Doctors Bag. My current Miu Miu bag is a Coffer Bag and as I mentioned before I love it to death. I bought it second hand on eBay (the only way I could afford it) and it was already a bit worn. Now I've used it as my main handbag for more than a year it's definitely looking worse for wear. This Doctors Bag has the same kind of treatment of the leather but I think it's probably the wrong size for it to be my main handbag.. I really want something that will go over my shoulder.

Unfortunately I've discovered that it's kinda difficult to find a bag with handles that go over the shoulder so here is a selection of bags with long shoulder straps instead. Check out this Marni one, that looks a bit like an accordion when you open it. I really like the colour! It's not too orange that it's scary and the little purse-like clasp is so pretty. Go look at more images and buy it from Net-A-Porter ;)

Speaking of shoulder bags with long straps, you may remember this number that got on one of my very first wish-list posts, and I would like to remind you of it, the Celine Trio Bag:

Image from Polyvore . Unfortunately it's sold out so good luck finding this one in this colour.

And last of the smaller-sized-long-shoulder-strap bags is this (much) cheaper one from Modcloth. I'm kind of tempted to buy it but it's $57.99 and even though my financial situation is only going to improve I'm not ready to totally release my shopping ban as yet.. Also, I think it's almost a little cliché to have a read handbag; if it's not black or brown it should be a more interesting colour.

Check the specs out here on the Modcloth site .

Now that's it for the small shoulder strap bags so let's move on to the large ones! I am enamoured with the concept of the satchel bag as a male friend has just been lamenting on how much he wants one. When talking satchels one can't go past the Mulberry Alexa satchel in the classic brown.

Here is where I found this picture of Alexa Chung herself with the bag that was named after her.

And here is a better photo of the bag:

Image from here.

Now a less-classic colour, but a more-classic brand: Prada. Gorgeous cobalt satchel!

Prada website: where this image is from.

In an even less sensible conventional colour the Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel. I have been a steadfast cynic of neon since it first started trending, but I went into an art museum shop (I think it was the Art Gallery of New South Wales) and tried on a neon green satchel bag for laughs: and I love it! It's crazy and fun and didn't look tacky like some of the other accessories and neon clothing can.

Image and buying options from Net-A-Porter.

I don't know how they make the leather that colour.. But here is a cheaper version, again from Modcloth (awesome site, go have a browse!), only it's still out of my range at $174.99.. =(

Image and buying options from Modcloth.

Lastly of the bag variety is the backpack. I feel like I want a backpack so that I can even out the weight I'm carrying on both shoulders. But then I'd have to carry my viola and one side and that'll make it uneven anyway.. The first one, on the left, by Alexander Wang is nice and slouchy-style with plenty of useful-looking pockets and zips and the one on the right from Modcloth is a bit funny and silly.

Image and buying options from Modcloth.
Image and buying options from Net-A-Porter.

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