Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

So I had a post planned a little while back, along this leathery vein but belts, until I saw the Burberry Prorsum Double Duchess Caped Trench Coat. Did you know that I love capes? (don't worry, there are a couple more where those came from coming along in the future..)

There is something about the Burberry trench coat that has made it a staple for both sexes. It's one of those things that I'd love to have in my wardrobe as an essential if I married became a billionaire. Perhaps it's the versatility of the thing: useful in rain, not too heavy a coat that can only be worn in winter etc. or maybe it's just the tailoring that Burberry seems to be so great at through the years. Sometimes I think about these great fashion houses with their name built up on one thing such as Burberry and the trench, or Louis Vuitton and the trunk, and how many times they can actually successfully re-invent the piece each season..? And just back-pedalling for a minute, would you really wear it out in the rain? It says in the specs that it's 78% cotton and 22% silk and if you're spending $3,000 odd dollars on it then maybe you don't want to risk it in the unfriendly weather. Anyway, it's not as if I'm actually going to buy it yet so indulge me and let me continue to pretend I am: the cape really tops this season's version off for me. Love love love at first sight.

(All images taken from the Burberry website). I think I prefer the brown in colour, although not entirely sure about the belt.. and I wish it was properly caped out like the white one. The white one, although beautiful, is probably not as timeless as the camel-coloured (let's be fancy, after all it is Burberry and we can't be calling it plain old brown darling).

And now for the campaign photo:

The coat looks less white here and I love it, but oh dear please avert eyes from the reflective plastic-bag-esque mens/boys-wear. I'm sorry Burberry, I love something holographic just as much as the next girl (actually that's a lie..) but it looks like that man is wrapped up in cellophane. Add a bit of ribbon and he'd make quite a nice little present there.

Sorry to be dissing on the Chanel and Burberry campaigns but honesty is the best policy: a life rule I tend to stick to (and sometimes at the vexation of others, a bit too closely). Still love the trench!

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