Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

After this post, a good 2 months or so ago, I actively tried to reduce the number of times I featured Moda Operandi on the Wishlist. I even stopped looking at the site as much! Although this was also due to their "gifts for her/him" trunk shows which were below par in my opinion, and now I would like to herald the return of trunk shows which aren't all accessories! Yay for clothes!! Exclamations!

The designer featured on the site currently that caught my eye is Caroline Herrera and I find the collection to be a mix of houndstooth suiting (surprisingly awesome), ball-gowns and structured cocktail dresses. I absolutely love dresses! (more exclaiming!!) It's the most awesome thing about being a girl. Well, as well as skirts =P Can suits be as pretty as dresses? I don't think so.. So I pity all you men out there that don't get to put on a beautiful dress (or maybe you do and I don't know about it?)

Enough rambling it's time to show you which looks I picked from the trunkshow:

Image from here.

Firstly the houndstooth suiting. The houndstooth pattern is all overlapped and pretty much looks like gingham. On the right is the look from the collection on M'O and on the right is the campaign shot. I prefer the red suit myself as the black is a little too letsplaychess looking.. Go look how much it costs, if you dare.

Next up are a couple of dresses which are quite pretty but not my absolute favourite of the collection (saving the best for last of course!). I adore the back on the navy blue one with the lace and you know how I love a bit of organza atop a dress which is why this striped number is here.

A gorgeous colour for this beautifully structured cocktail dress. I had to include all three views so you could get the full effect =) I'd love to go to a party all wrapped up like a present with that bow.

I don't know what it is about the following dress that has me swooning; floral? pale blue with dark red? the full-bodied skirt? I think it's just stunning. I like the shorter version more than the long one because of the dark red trim at the neckline but I included the campaign picture as well anyway.

Image from here.
 And now for the big finish! No words needed..

Image from here.

This is just a close-up to show you just how awesome this dress is and why it's called Constellation Organza Sleeveless Gown.

(Note: where not captioned, images are from Moda Operandi and linked in descriptions)

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