Monday, February 25, 2013

Something Old, Something New

So our first chamber music concert for the Sydney Symphony Fellowship is coming up! We will be playing the Mendelssohn A minor String Quartet (the winds are playing some Mozart thing, but the Mendelssohn is what's really exciting =P). It is seriously cool: I get an awesome part, as far as viola parts go. So here is the first movement:

Come to our concert on the 6th of March at St James Cathedral Sydney (173 King St Sydney) from 13:15-14:00. I hope I see you there!

Now this segment is called "Something Old, Something New" so I guess I'd better give you something new. This is a little something that I shazam-ed off FBi radio a while ago. I've not been very good with chasing up new music these days, normally I spend a bit of time procrastinating on bandcamp or I listen to whole albums of things that I've found off the radio but lately I've been a little lazy. I promise I'll try and be a bit more proactive with selections of music and have actual thoughts and connections between old and new. Anyway, I shazam-ed this so I must have liked it at the time:
Also, this music video creeps me out big time.. What do you think?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Yay! Remember about a million years ago when New York Fashion Week was on? Yeah well I was super excited for the shows to be shown (haha) on Moda Operandi. I felt a little disappointed because the shows were released gradually and I wasn't very impressed by the things that were being shown. Too much show talk? I thought so.. Let's talk about the first picture there on the left. It's an Opening Ceremony "Carver Belted Mini Dress". I love pleats and I love a dropped waist, if I had this blog more than a year ago it would certainly have featured a certain Prada 2011 A/W dress on the wish-list. Also it's a cool colour, and maybe I just have a thing for that royal purple colour these days.

The second picture, on the right at the top, is also Opening Ceremony and before certain people get scared I'm only intrigued by the fluffy cuffs. I kinda love 'em! I have recently (if recently is more than a month ago) bought a pair of Alannah Hill cuffs and I am gradually easing them into society and so far I'm feeling really good about them. So back to fluffy cuffs: not just for the bedroom I think.

Next up is the see-through Jason Wu number. I don't think I could ever actually wear it but somehow I still love it. Maybe with some kind of crafty slip underneath.. The one on the right side is a Jason Wu tuxedo coat! I wonder if anyone has thought of that before and if not then why not until now? It's amazingly Bond and could only be improved with not-so-puffy sleeves.

And now for a healthy dose of camel. I just love the Derek Lam coat on the left, perhaps originally because I thought it was a cape (did you know I'm obsessed with capes?). But it's ok that it has sleeves.. And on the right I think I just like the shape of the ensemble. It's, unfortunately, the only look from the Marc Jacobs trunkshow on Moda Operandi that I like.. Anyway, I think it's the little flared sort of shape that's got me all excited. Flared coat: attractive, flared nostrils: not so much.

Trend Tracker Tuesday

Yes, it's back. Like this segment? Well I don't really care if you do or don't because I have something to say about ***galaxy*** leggings. Can you tell already that I hate them?

Firstly leggings should not be worn as pants; and actually I can't think of a reason where I think it's appropriate to wear leggings unless you're doing a 70's jazzersize class, wearing them under clothes as thermals because you're climbing Everest or you're making a costume for some kind of superhero party. So seeing as leggings shouldn't be worn as pants then they should be worn with dresses/other short things that still cover the bum. But then why not wear a pair of stockings? There are so many amazingly cool pairs of tights out there that come in all ranges of opacity and that will look better with shoes; I am formally against the leggings->ballet flats look. So mostly I hate the leggings part of galaxy leggings, but also I hate the galaxy part.

I don't think it is a slimming print nor is it a lasting one. I feel like this trend will be one of those trends which our kids get dressed in for a Noughties themed party. There are even videos to help you style them.. Basically: wear a black t-shirt. Here are the famous Black Milk ones.

She's clearly doing a jazzersize class: she's wearing sneakers and everything. (Image source)

Maybe it's just because I'm turning 25 soon but this look is something I only see on young kinda trashy people trying to channel a punk look. Perhaps I'm just old and jaded and jealous of young people for being able to be trashy because my conscience just won't allow me to these days. No, I'm definitely not. So where do you go wearing these if you have them? I'm genuinely curious, if someone out there has galaxy leggings that are a regular wear in their wardrobe then please tell me all about it, where do you wear them? Do you feel comfortable? How do you feel about leggings as pants? Do you participate in Jazzersize? And would you like these to match:

Image from here. P.S They're $159.95...

Outfit Misfit

Today I'm showcasing a skirt that I got at the same time as this top in the Marni for H&M sale in Denmark (well, I was in Denmark but it was in H&M's all over the world). It's my first ever pencil skirt! Apparently it's supposed to be a wardrobe staple.. I've never found them to be particularly comfortable or easy to wear and thought them only suitable for the office-dressing crowd.

I read this article/blog post on the The Man Repeller and found it really interesting and a little bit close-minded. There is something to be said for wearing what looks good on you all the time (the article is titled "The Uniform") but how boring would life get if we all did that?! I like that I have lots of different types of outfits, colourful ones, monochromatic ones, all kinds of styles. I find it makes life a little more exciting to think about what kind of version of yourself you'll be today. So I've been trying to make an effort to crack out all the outfits I have imagined in my mind but not worn out into public because I get too comfortable with a certain look of mine or the clothes I find easy to wear. This has resulted in me wearing a lot of, some say too dressy, outfits around on supermarket-y kind of days. Maybe it's time I extend this resolution to this pencil skirt. I spent x amount of money on it and bought this halfjumper to go with it so I really should wear it.

Also, I bought new shoes. They look a bit like these miu miu ones no? I don't like the idea of fake things so I really only bought them because they're a gorgeous royal purple colour and I discovered I don't have enough flats (that's a lie, I have lots of flats but I don't like most of them anymore..).

I'ma ninja.

Skirt: Marni for H&M
Jumper: thrifted in Berlin
Shoes: from an Asian store in Chinatown

So how about tomorrow we just don't wear what we wear every day and we get out that beautiful thing hiding out at the back of the closet?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

On the To-Do List

Remember how strongly I felt about (Yves) Saint Laurent? Well I figure it's not too difficult to slap that slogan on a shirt or tote or something. What do you think would be the best way to go: make stamps for fabric painting? or hand-paint it on? Here's a version from A Beautiful Mess where she makes an unbelievably cute tote. Looks pretty easy if you ask me.

Image from here.
The T-shirt is available to buy from here for $42... Mine won't be as tidy and printed as neatly that's for sure but it will cost about $10 max, I think, (and that's including the cost of the shirt itself).

One day I will actually do these things on my to-do list..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Snaps: The Adventurous Life

Sunday 03/02/2013 I had an amazing last-minute opportunity given to me by a sick friend to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains! I had been once before a good 4 years ago or something so I knew what to expect and that I would thoroughly enjoy it. However, I soon found out when I got there that this was Blue Mountains Adventure Company's second most technical canyon.. What's worse is that I was the only female amongst three strong hiking males and the tour guide: destined to be the weakest link. Because my friend was sick and I hadn't actually planned on going on this canyoning adventure I was going with his friends. Luckily they were awesome people and it made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Here's the description from the BMAC website on Whungee Wheengee canyon (names like that: only in Australia):

Deep, dark and mysterious, Whungee Wheengee is without a doubt one of the very best canyons you’ll find anywhere. There are abseils, glowworm lit tunnel swims, rock scrambling, waterjumps and duckunders. A duckunder is where the roof of the canyon comes right down or just above water level, making it necessary to swim underwater for a short distance. Besides the sheer delight and challenge of the activities themselves, Whungee Wheengee offers stunning natural beauty that will take your breath away. Keep a look out for abundant local wildlife such as yabbies, eels and water dragons. The canyon also boasts several sections of fantastic rock architecture, the most spectacular being a 50 metre deep slot that is little more than a metre wide. Shortly after here, Whungee Wheengee joins the much broader expanses of the Lower Wollangambe Canyon. The sudden rise in the water temperature is most welcome as there are several long swims before the exit point is reached.

By far the most stunning part of the whole thing were the glowworm caves. I entered one cave and saw about 10 glowworms; struck by amazement I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over them for a bit when Gordon, who was ahead of me, urged me into the next cave where I was swimming in water under a constellation of glowworms. Unfortunately the most beautiful things in life are difficult to capture on film so I was fairly unsuccessful in that and can't share it with you.

All harnessed up and excited to go!
First abseil: pretty high..
Rocking the wet-suit-chic look.
Yep, I had to get down there with the aid of those ropes..
Underwater yabbie photo! I bought a phone pouch that was waterproof. It was $30 but I figure I can use it all the time at the beach etc so I believe it was money well spent.
Crevice caving.
Floating downstream under light waterfalls.

Outfit Misfit

Remember that I told you about the pink leather shorts I bought at the Lover sale as well as the gorgeous skirt I'm in love with that featured in last week's Outfit Misfit? Well here they are today! Every time I've said "pink leather shorts" most people have jumped to an image of tight little hooker pants in hot pink. No no no no no! I am not that kinda gal. They're hardly pink; today's photographer (Campbell) even dared to say they were cream. I stick to thinking that they're pink, a beautiful dusty kind of pink. Best paired with white I thought; the following photos are the only way I've styled these so far but as I continue loving them I'm sure I'll come up with other combinations with the rest of my wardrobe too. I think they would look quite nice with a navy blue.

Also I got a hair cut.. I feel like a bit of a mushroom-head but that's ok. I'm giving it a go.

There is a little story-line with these photos: 1. standing with the shed, 2. turned around because I didn't want to squash any ants on the shed, 3. there are ants on my leg and my shoes are dirty, 4. and 5. I'm cleaning my shoes. I never said it was an interesting story! The last photo is of me trying to be a giant. The shed was small so I thought I could look tall but then when Campbell asked me to lean on it the fact that I am short was once again exposed.


Shorts: Lover
Shirt: American Apparel
Singlet: under the shirt and not very interesting but maybe you want to know it's a Quick-dry tank from Kathmandu
Socks: Alannah Hill
Shoes: ASOS. I don't think I've had these on my blog yet.. remember them from this old blog post? It was a long time ago and I bought them and am very happy.

Thanks to Campbell for taking my photos and being such an interesting and funny photographer who made me feel at ease about being a little silly. And one last little note about the shorts, we had an adventure in the rain afterwards and I thought they were going to become discoloured in places and damaged but they've dried out and are as good as new! So happy with my purchases at the Lover sale =D

Ain't Laurent without Yves

I'm all for new designers taking the reigns of classic houses: Raf Simons for Dior, Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.., so it wasn't a huge drama that Hedi Slimane was named the new designer heading YSL. However I did feel a strangely strong feeling against him changing the name to Saint Laurent. It would be like Louis Vuitton changing to simply Vuitton and monogramming their famous trunks and bags with V. What's going to happen to all the YSL branding that's become famous? There are even songs including it in their lyrics: check this pretty amazing list of 40+ rap songs  with YSL in the lyrics.

Here is an example of the integrity of an existing fashion being maintained. Alexander McQueen committed suicide in 2010 and was succeeded by Sarah Burton. It's pretty amazing how she's managed to maintain the out-there-ness of McQueen; the first photo is from McQueen's 2009 fall collection and the second is from Sarah Burton for McQueen's 2012 fall collection.

Image from here.
Image from here.
Seeing as the change has been a transitional one: what is on the fashion horizon at (Yves) Saint Laurent now?

Found this photo on the Instagram feed of Montana Cox (model).

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get Your Love On

Today's Valentine's Day! Here's what I would be wearing if I had a romantic date coming up/thousands  of dollars to spend on clothes:

I know I already mentioned it but here's the pretty "Peg Me Down Alannah Hill dress from yesterday's post:

This gorgeous dress from Delpozo on Moda Operandi:

And I know you've probably had enough of dresses by now so here's the last one: "Dinner Party Darling" Dress in Grapefruit Red from Modcloth.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Tomorrow is Valentine's day: it's kinda a hard day to ignore when there are flowers and bears and chocolates (oh my!) everywhere you turn. But there is no way I'm letting that stuff infiltrate my blog: I'm a girl, and I'm sentimental, but having a particular day dedicated to it is a little silly.. That's what anniversaries are for, for married people. Us couples who are just happily cruising along in a non-married state shouldn't really have the luxury of this "special day" as an excuse to remember each other. Sure you love each other and whatever but I find that that is best expressed in the little things in life that happen between you. Will I be sad if I don't get a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day? Probably not; but having said that: flowers are pretty and a nice gesture on any day so of course I would be happy if I did get them. I certainly do not want a bear because let's face it: 1. I have enough animals of the plushy variety padding out my sleeping area and 2. I am of a sensible age now in which one of my wise realisations has been that they are actually useless. Chocolates? Something I can buy for myself if I really want them and anyway, Easter is just around the corner and my little students and my mum the Easter Bunny tend to give me an obscene amount of chocolate. What would really be on my wish-list, if it had to be V-day related, would be the whole day in bed with my boy: lazing around and big cuddles and interesting conversations. That is an impossibility because we are in different cities (and also, sadly, it's not really logistically feasible to stay in bed all day..)

So basically, what I want tomorrow is what I could want (usually want) any day of the week of the year: stupidly unaffordable yet beautiful clothes.  I'd love to continue on yesterday's vein with NYFW and picks on Moda Operandi but unfortunately it's not up on the website yet! Curse Australian we're-ahead-of-ya'll time. I can't really hold out for another 5 hours or so for it to be released and then to write about it so instead I'll go in a different direction and give you a story about what I did today.

Some of my closer friends may know that I've been in a bit of a financial struggle lately and even though I've started my Sydney Symphony Fellowship work (woohooo!) I would still like a bit of extra work to feed my shopping habit. It's no secret on this blog (or in public) that I am very very very very very very very very much in love with Alannah Hill. I've decided I'd love to work as a casual employee there and they have advertised the position at the Strand Arcade for a couple of months now. I decided I would go in store dressed in a  current season dress and hope to make a good impression and thereby increase my chances at getting work. Here I am, all dolled up wearing the "Peg Me Down" dress:

There's no better place to get a frock than AH. So here are a few of my favourites in store right now.

I'll Never Forget! Dress.

Royality Riot Dress (I wonder if that's a typo and it's meant to be "royalty".. hm).
Peg Me Down Dress.

It's a Full Moon Dress.
Seeing as it's Valentine's Day tomorrow if I were to go on a special date I would definitely love to wear the "Peg Me Down" dress. I felt so romantic and sweet wearing it today. What are you wearing for Valentine's Day? Are you a lover or a hater of the whole thing? Want to go on a date with me and frock up? x

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just can't wait..

I seriously cannot wait for the New York Fashion Week picks to be up on Moda Operandi!!! The pictures from all the lucky bitches who have been able to go have just been teasing me. I'm hoping to see some Zac PosenPrabal GurungJason Wu...

Monday, February 11, 2013

On the To-Do List

DIY silk flower headband: nuff said.

I love A Pair and A Spare's new website: very user friendly and she has awesome DIY ideas.

Happy Snaps: Fellowship Days

Fellowship has finally started! I've been waiting since forever for it to actually get going and on Friday we had our first official day. It was a meet and greet of everyone in the Sydney Symphony office and we got our passes for the Opera House. Today was the more exciting day: photo shoot time! Every year the fellows look amazing in their photos so I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning. I even bought a new black dress from Kate Sylvester... (bigger post about that to come). Hair and makeup was done and we all looked pretty crazy: the makeup had to be pretty huge in order to translate on camera (I hope!) so we felt a bit like drag queens to be honest. I have confidence that it will all look fine in the end even if some of the other fellows don't feel the same. The funniest observation of today was that the girls all brought one casual outfit and the boys brought at least three each. We (the girls) walked into the boardroom-come-dressingroom and the boys were discussing "green shirt, or red shirt? sweater or no sweater? which sweater? how does this look?" and we burst out laughing. What a role reversal! Anyway, some pics for you:

Official Sydney Opera House pass happiness!
Roger Benedict, our artistic director and founder of the Fellowship program, in the chair.
Behind the scenes photo of the wind quintet.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outift Misfit

I may have teased you a little bit when I wrote about fashion rioting more than a week ago and when I didn't post my Lover skirt in the following Outfit Misfit post.. Well finally it's here:

I was sitting in the car and saw a gap in the skirt and was overjoyed to realise it has pockets!!!

My heart was set on this skirt (well actually the dress) even before I walked through the doors of Paddington RSL where the pop-up twodaysonly Lover sale was being held. I looked for it as soon as I was allowed in and I settled on the skirt. I was surprised by the sizing actually: I grabbed a 10 because I figured that's what would fit me but it was much too big.. so then I had to go and nab an 8: still too big, and then finally and luckily there was still a 6 on the rack. It is such an awesome sort of lampshade shape (luckily not as extreme as this) which kinda makes me feel like a ballerina. It is also quite a short skirt actually and I feel a little self-conscious bending over in it.. Probably the one thing that is ticking me off about it is that the lining is not quite opaque enough. I was really struggling for a while with how I was going to wear it (and that's another reason why it didn't appear in Outfit Misfit straight away)... I then figured that because the lining was see-through I was going to have to wear a slip. Lucky I have a beautiful ivory silky slip from another dress and it looked like it could pretend to be an extension of the lining; and fyi pyjama dressing is a trend now. So what do you think? Did it work? You can't see here but to enhance the pyjama dressing aspect I was wearing slippers (these ones in fact).

I had quite a lot on yesterday when I wore this outfit: just boring runofthemill sort of things and everyone kept saying how dressed up I was! Even my Dad! And if dads notice something about your attire then it really must be something. So maybe it's a bit fancy but hey, these beautiful things have to be worn and shared and a little extra attention can sometimes be nice too.


Skirt: Lover
Slip: from another dress
Shoes which you can't see: Wittner
Cardigan: Kookai
Hair clip: Alannah Hill

Something special needs to be said about the whole location and situation this "shoot" was taken in. My dear friend and mostawesomephotographerever Berny has now left for a few months ='( Not only will I miss her musicianship, wisdom, and amazing friendship presence, I will miss her photography skills. I am by no means an easy subject: I don't like taking pictures of myself, I have one smiling face, and basically don't do very interesting things. But Berny would capture moments I wasn't even sure I was making myself. Ok, enough "Ode to Berny"; I needed to find a new photographer. Here today we have the pictures of my lovely friend Jennifer. We grew up in the same area so it was great when she suggested the location of Lisgar Gardens, which I had never actually visited due to annoyingly narrow opening/closing times. We got in and briefly took photos and leisurely walked around. We started heading off to leave and found the gates locked.. (should've remembered about those annoyingly narrow opening/closing times). Cue freak out moments: locked in some secluded gardens in Hornsby bush-land. So it was quite an adventure as we walked the perimeter trying to find a suitable gap in the fence or way to get out. In the end we climbed over a small fence separating the gardens from a neighbouring residential property and got out safe. As two goodie-two-shoes we felt really bad for trespassing, but then also really relieved we hadn't needed to call the council to let us out. So these photos not only document my experience in fashion-rioting but also in adventure-bushland-hiking-escapement. I definitely recommend going to visit Lisgar Gardens because they really are beautiful, just make sure you make note of the closing time.