Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Snaps: The Adventurous Life

Sunday 03/02/2013 I had an amazing last-minute opportunity given to me by a sick friend to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains! I had been once before a good 4 years ago or something so I knew what to expect and that I would thoroughly enjoy it. However, I soon found out when I got there that this was Blue Mountains Adventure Company's second most technical canyon.. What's worse is that I was the only female amongst three strong hiking males and the tour guide: destined to be the weakest link. Because my friend was sick and I hadn't actually planned on going on this canyoning adventure I was going with his friends. Luckily they were awesome people and it made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Here's the description from the BMAC website on Whungee Wheengee canyon (names like that: only in Australia):

Deep, dark and mysterious, Whungee Wheengee is without a doubt one of the very best canyons you’ll find anywhere. There are abseils, glowworm lit tunnel swims, rock scrambling, waterjumps and duckunders. A duckunder is where the roof of the canyon comes right down or just above water level, making it necessary to swim underwater for a short distance. Besides the sheer delight and challenge of the activities themselves, Whungee Wheengee offers stunning natural beauty that will take your breath away. Keep a look out for abundant local wildlife such as yabbies, eels and water dragons. The canyon also boasts several sections of fantastic rock architecture, the most spectacular being a 50 metre deep slot that is little more than a metre wide. Shortly after here, Whungee Wheengee joins the much broader expanses of the Lower Wollangambe Canyon. The sudden rise in the water temperature is most welcome as there are several long swims before the exit point is reached.

By far the most stunning part of the whole thing were the glowworm caves. I entered one cave and saw about 10 glowworms; struck by amazement I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over them for a bit when Gordon, who was ahead of me, urged me into the next cave where I was swimming in water under a constellation of glowworms. Unfortunately the most beautiful things in life are difficult to capture on film so I was fairly unsuccessful in that and can't share it with you.

All harnessed up and excited to go!
First abseil: pretty high..
Rocking the wet-suit-chic look.
Yep, I had to get down there with the aid of those ropes..
Underwater yabbie photo! I bought a phone pouch that was waterproof. It was $30 but I figure I can use it all the time at the beach etc so I believe it was money well spent.
Crevice caving.
Floating downstream under light waterfalls.

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