Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Snaps: Fellowship Days

Fellowship has finally started! I've been waiting since forever for it to actually get going and on Friday we had our first official day. It was a meet and greet of everyone in the Sydney Symphony office and we got our passes for the Opera House. Today was the more exciting day: photo shoot time! Every year the fellows look amazing in their photos so I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning. I even bought a new black dress from Kate Sylvester... (bigger post about that to come). Hair and makeup was done and we all looked pretty crazy: the makeup had to be pretty huge in order to translate on camera (I hope!) so we felt a bit like drag queens to be honest. I have confidence that it will all look fine in the end even if some of the other fellows don't feel the same. The funniest observation of today was that the girls all brought one casual outfit and the boys brought at least three each. We (the girls) walked into the boardroom-come-dressingroom and the boys were discussing "green shirt, or red shirt? sweater or no sweater? which sweater? how does this look?" and we burst out laughing. What a role reversal! Anyway, some pics for you:

Official Sydney Opera House pass happiness!
Roger Benedict, our artistic director and founder of the Fellowship program, in the chair.
Behind the scenes photo of the wind quintet.

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