Sunday, February 3, 2013

Outfit Misfit

By popular demand (actually by request of one reader..) I have included my baby bam/jelly bean bam in this post; see previous post with big bam. I never actually carry my violin by itself because this case doesn't have room for a bow and I almost always need my viola too so this isn't lifestyle correct. I'm featuring my gigging outfit. Gigs are the best and I wish more people would get married so that I could do more gigs! Also special this week is the collar I'm wearing. For Christmas I got an Alannah Hill gift card and spent it on something that may not be the most useful (isn't that what gift cards are for: to buy yourself something you might not have bought with your own money?). I had a collar obsession a few months ago but could never really bring myself to buy one, and also couldn't find the perfect detachable collar. I was considering making one but I never really get round to that very often see yesterday's post.. Point: observe the pretty collar.


Collar: Alannah Hill.
Dress: hand-me-down from a friend, "vintage" Esprit.
Shoes: Wittner, remember them from this post a couple of weeks ago?
Violin case: BAM
Earrings: mum's pearls


  1. Yay!!! :D Baby Bam makes WishToDoPlay debut! :) Love your collar too!

  2. Ahhhhh I was so tempted to buy that collar and refrained because of Italy... I'm so glad you bought it!

    1. So maybe I've only worn it once.. it's day will come though. Like all good things I buy, months and months later I start wearing it all the time.

    2. I know exactly what you mean! Slow courtships leading to a lifetime of wear vs. fast flings that fizzle all to quickly? :P