Saturday, February 16, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Remember that I told you about the pink leather shorts I bought at the Lover sale as well as the gorgeous skirt I'm in love with that featured in last week's Outfit Misfit? Well here they are today! Every time I've said "pink leather shorts" most people have jumped to an image of tight little hooker pants in hot pink. No no no no no! I am not that kinda gal. They're hardly pink; today's photographer (Campbell) even dared to say they were cream. I stick to thinking that they're pink, a beautiful dusty kind of pink. Best paired with white I thought; the following photos are the only way I've styled these so far but as I continue loving them I'm sure I'll come up with other combinations with the rest of my wardrobe too. I think they would look quite nice with a navy blue.

Also I got a hair cut.. I feel like a bit of a mushroom-head but that's ok. I'm giving it a go.

There is a little story-line with these photos: 1. standing with the shed, 2. turned around because I didn't want to squash any ants on the shed, 3. there are ants on my leg and my shoes are dirty, 4. and 5. I'm cleaning my shoes. I never said it was an interesting story! The last photo is of me trying to be a giant. The shed was small so I thought I could look tall but then when Campbell asked me to lean on it the fact that I am short was once again exposed.


Shorts: Lover
Shirt: American Apparel
Singlet: under the shirt and not very interesting but maybe you want to know it's a Quick-dry tank from Kathmandu
Socks: Alannah Hill
Shoes: ASOS. I don't think I've had these on my blog yet.. remember them from this old blog post? It was a long time ago and I bought them and am very happy.

Thanks to Campbell for taking my photos and being such an interesting and funny photographer who made me feel at ease about being a little silly. And one last little note about the shorts, we had an adventure in the rain afterwards and I thought they were going to become discoloured in places and damaged but they've dried out and are as good as new! So happy with my purchases at the Lover sale =D

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