Sunday, February 24, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Today I'm showcasing a skirt that I got at the same time as this top in the Marni for H&M sale in Denmark (well, I was in Denmark but it was in H&M's all over the world). It's my first ever pencil skirt! Apparently it's supposed to be a wardrobe staple.. I've never found them to be particularly comfortable or easy to wear and thought them only suitable for the office-dressing crowd.

I read this article/blog post on the The Man Repeller and found it really interesting and a little bit close-minded. There is something to be said for wearing what looks good on you all the time (the article is titled "The Uniform") but how boring would life get if we all did that?! I like that I have lots of different types of outfits, colourful ones, monochromatic ones, all kinds of styles. I find it makes life a little more exciting to think about what kind of version of yourself you'll be today. So I've been trying to make an effort to crack out all the outfits I have imagined in my mind but not worn out into public because I get too comfortable with a certain look of mine or the clothes I find easy to wear. This has resulted in me wearing a lot of, some say too dressy, outfits around on supermarket-y kind of days. Maybe it's time I extend this resolution to this pencil skirt. I spent x amount of money on it and bought this halfjumper to go with it so I really should wear it.

Also, I bought new shoes. They look a bit like these miu miu ones no? I don't like the idea of fake things so I really only bought them because they're a gorgeous royal purple colour and I discovered I don't have enough flats (that's a lie, I have lots of flats but I don't like most of them anymore..).

I'ma ninja.

Skirt: Marni for H&M
Jumper: thrifted in Berlin
Shoes: from an Asian store in Chinatown

So how about tomorrow we just don't wear what we wear every day and we get out that beautiful thing hiding out at the back of the closet?

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