Sunday, February 10, 2013

Outift Misfit

I may have teased you a little bit when I wrote about fashion rioting more than a week ago and when I didn't post my Lover skirt in the following Outfit Misfit post.. Well finally it's here:

I was sitting in the car and saw a gap in the skirt and was overjoyed to realise it has pockets!!!

My heart was set on this skirt (well actually the dress) even before I walked through the doors of Paddington RSL where the pop-up twodaysonly Lover sale was being held. I looked for it as soon as I was allowed in and I settled on the skirt. I was surprised by the sizing actually: I grabbed a 10 because I figured that's what would fit me but it was much too big.. so then I had to go and nab an 8: still too big, and then finally and luckily there was still a 6 on the rack. It is such an awesome sort of lampshade shape (luckily not as extreme as this) which kinda makes me feel like a ballerina. It is also quite a short skirt actually and I feel a little self-conscious bending over in it.. Probably the one thing that is ticking me off about it is that the lining is not quite opaque enough. I was really struggling for a while with how I was going to wear it (and that's another reason why it didn't appear in Outfit Misfit straight away)... I then figured that because the lining was see-through I was going to have to wear a slip. Lucky I have a beautiful ivory silky slip from another dress and it looked like it could pretend to be an extension of the lining; and fyi pyjama dressing is a trend now. So what do you think? Did it work? You can't see here but to enhance the pyjama dressing aspect I was wearing slippers (these ones in fact).

I had quite a lot on yesterday when I wore this outfit: just boring runofthemill sort of things and everyone kept saying how dressed up I was! Even my Dad! And if dads notice something about your attire then it really must be something. So maybe it's a bit fancy but hey, these beautiful things have to be worn and shared and a little extra attention can sometimes be nice too.


Skirt: Lover
Slip: from another dress
Shoes which you can't see: Wittner
Cardigan: Kookai
Hair clip: Alannah Hill

Something special needs to be said about the whole location and situation this "shoot" was taken in. My dear friend and mostawesomephotographerever Berny has now left for a few months ='( Not only will I miss her musicianship, wisdom, and amazing friendship presence, I will miss her photography skills. I am by no means an easy subject: I don't like taking pictures of myself, I have one smiling face, and basically don't do very interesting things. But Berny would capture moments I wasn't even sure I was making myself. Ok, enough "Ode to Berny"; I needed to find a new photographer. Here today we have the pictures of my lovely friend Jennifer. We grew up in the same area so it was great when she suggested the location of Lisgar Gardens, which I had never actually visited due to annoyingly narrow opening/closing times. We got in and briefly took photos and leisurely walked around. We started heading off to leave and found the gates locked.. (should've remembered about those annoyingly narrow opening/closing times). Cue freak out moments: locked in some secluded gardens in Hornsby bush-land. So it was quite an adventure as we walked the perimeter trying to find a suitable gap in the fence or way to get out. In the end we climbed over a small fence separating the gardens from a neighbouring residential property and got out safe. As two goodie-two-shoes we felt really bad for trespassing, but then also really relieved we hadn't needed to call the council to let us out. So these photos not only document my experience in fashion-rioting but also in adventure-bushland-hiking-escapement. I definitely recommend going to visit Lisgar Gardens because they really are beautiful, just make sure you make note of the closing time.


  1. It's SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And good call on the slip, I never would have thought of that! I reckon you'd be able to find a half slip the right length for it fairly easily. Midi-length slips, on the other hand... I've got these two skirts I bought over a year ago that I still haven't worn because I haven't been able to find a slip the right length!

    1. I need a full-length slip though because of the transparency of the lining of the skirt (boo to Lover on that point). The slip I'm wearing here is too long as well so I quick hemmed it, read: safety pinning madness. I'm planning to hem it properly sometimes though..

    2. No, I meant half-slip as in a skirt slip! Very useful, but hard to find! You can usually find mini- to short- length ones in underwear and lingerie stores though.

  2. ^5:33am??? It's 11:33pm... What time zone did you start this blog in? That's not even German time!

    1. Yep, it's confusing. I started it in Germany.

  3. Love your work Nicole!!!
    And mine too haha. i've read and enjoy heaps of your blog posts I should've commented earlier to give you motivation to keep up the great work (as long as you still enjoy it!) Happy to be your photographer any day :)

    just remember when if with me you'll be living life on the edge- I get locked in parks and don't separate my whites & colours....

    love jen

    1. Thanks Jen!! Ha, the whites and the colours =P