Monday, February 25, 2013

Something Old, Something New

So our first chamber music concert for the Sydney Symphony Fellowship is coming up! We will be playing the Mendelssohn A minor String Quartet (the winds are playing some Mozart thing, but the Mendelssohn is what's really exciting =P). It is seriously cool: I get an awesome part, as far as viola parts go. So here is the first movement:

Come to our concert on the 6th of March at St James Cathedral Sydney (173 King St Sydney) from 13:15-14:00. I hope I see you there!

Now this segment is called "Something Old, Something New" so I guess I'd better give you something new. This is a little something that I shazam-ed off FBi radio a while ago. I've not been very good with chasing up new music these days, normally I spend a bit of time procrastinating on bandcamp or I listen to whole albums of things that I've found off the radio but lately I've been a little lazy. I promise I'll try and be a bit more proactive with selections of music and have actual thoughts and connections between old and new. Anyway, I shazam-ed this so I must have liked it at the time:
Also, this music video creeps me out big time.. What do you think?

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