Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trend Tracker Tuesday

Yes, it's back. Like this segment? Well I don't really care if you do or don't because I have something to say about ***galaxy*** leggings. Can you tell already that I hate them?

Firstly leggings should not be worn as pants; and actually I can't think of a reason where I think it's appropriate to wear leggings unless you're doing a 70's jazzersize class, wearing them under clothes as thermals because you're climbing Everest or you're making a costume for some kind of superhero party. So seeing as leggings shouldn't be worn as pants then they should be worn with dresses/other short things that still cover the bum. But then why not wear a pair of stockings? There are so many amazingly cool pairs of tights out there that come in all ranges of opacity and that will look better with shoes; I am formally against the leggings->ballet flats look. So mostly I hate the leggings part of galaxy leggings, but also I hate the galaxy part.

I don't think it is a slimming print nor is it a lasting one. I feel like this trend will be one of those trends which our kids get dressed in for a Noughties themed party. There are even videos to help you style them.. Basically: wear a black t-shirt. Here are the famous Black Milk ones.

She's clearly doing a jazzersize class: she's wearing sneakers and everything. (Image source)

Maybe it's just because I'm turning 25 soon but this look is something I only see on young kinda trashy people trying to channel a punk look. Perhaps I'm just old and jaded and jealous of young people for being able to be trashy because my conscience just won't allow me to these days. No, I'm definitely not. So where do you go wearing these if you have them? I'm genuinely curious, if someone out there has galaxy leggings that are a regular wear in their wardrobe then please tell me all about it, where do you wear them? Do you feel comfortable? How do you feel about leggings as pants? Do you participate in Jazzersize? And would you like these to match:

Image from here. P.S They're $159.95...

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