Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Yay! Remember about a million years ago when New York Fashion Week was on? Yeah well I was super excited for the shows to be shown (haha) on Moda Operandi. I felt a little disappointed because the shows were released gradually and I wasn't very impressed by the things that were being shown. Too much show talk? I thought so.. Let's talk about the first picture there on the left. It's an Opening Ceremony "Carver Belted Mini Dress". I love pleats and I love a dropped waist, if I had this blog more than a year ago it would certainly have featured a certain Prada 2011 A/W dress on the wish-list. Also it's a cool colour, and maybe I just have a thing for that royal purple colour these days.

The second picture, on the right at the top, is also Opening Ceremony and before certain people get scared I'm only intrigued by the fluffy cuffs. I kinda love 'em! I have recently (if recently is more than a month ago) bought a pair of Alannah Hill cuffs and I am gradually easing them into society and so far I'm feeling really good about them. So back to fluffy cuffs: not just for the bedroom I think.

Next up is the see-through Jason Wu number. I don't think I could ever actually wear it but somehow I still love it. Maybe with some kind of crafty slip underneath.. The one on the right side is a Jason Wu tuxedo coat! I wonder if anyone has thought of that before and if not then why not until now? It's amazingly Bond and could only be improved with not-so-puffy sleeves.

And now for a healthy dose of camel. I just love the Derek Lam coat on the left, perhaps originally because I thought it was a cape (did you know I'm obsessed with capes?). But it's ok that it has sleeves.. And on the right I think I just like the shape of the ensemble. It's, unfortunately, the only look from the Marc Jacobs trunkshow on Moda Operandi that I like.. Anyway, I think it's the little flared sort of shape that's got me all excited. Flared coat: attractive, flared nostrils: not so much.

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  1. I agree, the tuxedo coat would be to die for if it had fitted sleeves! I love women appropriating men's styles; Helmut Newton's YSL Le Smoking shots are some of my favourite images ever! And yes, the dress has gorgeous movement, even if it's not very wearable!