Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Tomorrow is Valentine's day: it's kinda a hard day to ignore when there are flowers and bears and chocolates (oh my!) everywhere you turn. But there is no way I'm letting that stuff infiltrate my blog: I'm a girl, and I'm sentimental, but having a particular day dedicated to it is a little silly.. That's what anniversaries are for, for married people. Us couples who are just happily cruising along in a non-married state shouldn't really have the luxury of this "special day" as an excuse to remember each other. Sure you love each other and whatever but I find that that is best expressed in the little things in life that happen between you. Will I be sad if I don't get a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day? Probably not; but having said that: flowers are pretty and a nice gesture on any day so of course I would be happy if I did get them. I certainly do not want a bear because let's face it: 1. I have enough animals of the plushy variety padding out my sleeping area and 2. I am of a sensible age now in which one of my wise realisations has been that they are actually useless. Chocolates? Something I can buy for myself if I really want them and anyway, Easter is just around the corner and my little students and my mum the Easter Bunny tend to give me an obscene amount of chocolate. What would really be on my wish-list, if it had to be V-day related, would be the whole day in bed with my boy: lazing around and big cuddles and interesting conversations. That is an impossibility because we are in different cities (and also, sadly, it's not really logistically feasible to stay in bed all day..)

So basically, what I want tomorrow is what I could want (usually want) any day of the week of the year: stupidly unaffordable yet beautiful clothes.  I'd love to continue on yesterday's vein with NYFW and picks on Moda Operandi but unfortunately it's not up on the website yet! Curse Australian we're-ahead-of-ya'll time. I can't really hold out for another 5 hours or so for it to be released and then to write about it so instead I'll go in a different direction and give you a story about what I did today.

Some of my closer friends may know that I've been in a bit of a financial struggle lately and even though I've started my Sydney Symphony Fellowship work (woohooo!) I would still like a bit of extra work to feed my shopping habit. It's no secret on this blog (or in public) that I am very very very very very very very very much in love with Alannah Hill. I've decided I'd love to work as a casual employee there and they have advertised the position at the Strand Arcade for a couple of months now. I decided I would go in store dressed in a  current season dress and hope to make a good impression and thereby increase my chances at getting work. Here I am, all dolled up wearing the "Peg Me Down" dress:

There's no better place to get a frock than AH. So here are a few of my favourites in store right now.

I'll Never Forget! Dress.

Royality Riot Dress (I wonder if that's a typo and it's meant to be "royalty".. hm).
Peg Me Down Dress.

It's a Full Moon Dress.
Seeing as it's Valentine's Day tomorrow if I were to go on a special date I would definitely love to wear the "Peg Me Down" dress. I felt so romantic and sweet wearing it today. What are you wearing for Valentine's Day? Are you a lover or a hater of the whole thing? Want to go on a date with me and frock up? x

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  1. Love the outfit! I hope they hire you! You hair is getting long, it's almost Marion Cotillard bob length!