Friday, March 29, 2013

On the To-Do List

I use Pinterest, but admittedly not that much; I should try and use it more to give better exposure to this blog. I tend to browse it and re-pin things rather than making my own pins and I love re-pinning things to my "To-Do List" board and I've just been looking back through some things and been reminded of some cool projects I'd love to do. So this week we have: super cool ice-cream hanging things.

Maybe they're purely pretty but really, sometimes thats all you need.. I love ice cream (didn'tchaknow?!) and I have strong views about it being in cones. (Basically, if you go to an ice cream shop, and you're a regular person who can eat cones, then you're a loser if you get it in a cup. You can't eat your cup.)

All the details on how to make these cuties are on the blog: Icing Designs.

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