Sunday, March 24, 2013

Outfit Misfit

After seeing one of my instagram photos a friend of mine (hi Hayasa!!) thought I should put this outfit up on the blog. So here it is!

A little over a month ago I was down in Melbourne for a concert and I wanted to go to the National Gallery of Victoria to see some impressionists exhibition (also, why is it called the National Gallery of Victoria, when Victoria is a state of our nation and there is the real National Gallery in Canberra, the nation's actual capital?). I really can't remember what it was I wanted to see now.. The reason I can't remember is because it was closed: on a Tuesday. That's just lame! Who shuts on a Tuesday? Monday is the logical choice. Anyway, I'm getting side-tracked.. So I was in Melbourne for a few days in total and by the time it was Tuesday I had bought a skirt, a dress, a top, and just on the day this photo was taken: a hat! Now I've watched "You've Got Mail" many times, and I've always loved the little conversation between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan about the butterfly on the subway. She explains that the butterfly got off the subway, probably to go to Bloomingdales and buy a hat: which would turn into a mistake, as all hats are (I tried to find a YouTube video but to no avail). So I have never bought a hat before because of this, but I often try them on and shop-keepers often tell me they suit me (but maybe that's all part of their genius plans). This time I actually bought the hat! I love it: it's cute and quirky, and maybe a little dorky. You can form your own opinions on that.

Unfortunately for my hat I'm quite lazy in getting my hair cut.. so my fringe was too long for it to work properly under the hat for this photoshoot (although you'll be happy to hear that my fringe has been cut now).

Sad face: can't see.
So we tried having my fringe back under the hat, but I think I look silly. I give you permission to laugh at me.
I'd also like to draw particular attention to the skirt, one of my other Melbourne purchases. I got it at the Gorman outlet store and it was a sample size of a more recent collection. I love Gorman for their cool patterns and colours, but lately I haven't been so tempted to buy things (too much animal print and I'm not the biggest fan of that). Still, I have faith that it will return to it's former glory and I was happy to snap up this now-rare gem.

And now the tree-climbing photo series:


Hat: Kinki Gerlinki (remember this dress I got from there?)
Skirt and sandals: Gorman
Shirt: American Apparel
Bangle: Marni for H&M

Photos taken by Campbell in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. The tree is a Chinese Mourning Tree (I'm 80% sure.. can't remember the full name but I do remember making a mourning/morning pun with Campbell at the time).

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