Sunday, March 31, 2013

Outfit Misfit

This week I have another item I bought in Melbourne to showcase through a series of embarrassing photos. I have been pondering on getting a peplum article of clothing for a while.. I'm still not sold but this top creates a faux-peplum that's letting me try it out for a bit. (Don't really know what a peplum is? It's a flappy bit around your hips that is added to the dress for no apparent function. Here's a little thing on peplums if you're intrigued). I call this top my Parachute Shirt; it's all puffy and big. Maybe it's not very flattering but I really love the colour and I'm giving it a go. To create the illusion of a peplum (and also so I don't look completely spherical) I tied a belt around the middle.

We then relocated from waterside to crazyside:

Ridiculous posing is a serious business.


Top: Kinki Gerlinki.
Belt: Miscellaneous, found in the depths of my drawers.
Jeans: J-Brand.
Shoes: Wittner.

What do you think? Am I ready to level-up to Peplum? Does it look awful? (you know I'll keep wearing it even if you say it does so don't be shy now)

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