Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Last week was a really exciting week for me (which is probably why I slacked on the blogging thing..), it was my first week playing a proper classical program with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra!! I was really happy doing it and felt totally in my element. This is what I want to do and this is probably where I want to do it. So the choice for this week's Something Old comes from last week's program (that's so last week) and is the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1. It's no surprise that this concerto is a favourite for many, and I didn't even have to drag my mum along because it's one of her favourites and she actually wanted to go. It's a tough toss-up between the first and last movements because they're both great but I think I'm going to have to go with first movement as the feature today, because it's the best way to be introduced to this concerto and it's just so epic. It's so cool that it begins with the melody in the strings and the piano playing huge majestic chords before it gets the melody. The video I've chosen to share is of Van Cliburn, an amazing pianist who died just a few weeks ago.

Now it's kind of hard to pick something to follow that.. so I thought I'd pick something a little more classic. Awesome to have a bit of a groove and dorky sing to, from the late 70's here is Toto with Hold the Line:

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