Monday, April 1, 2013

Something Old, Something New

I've been neglecting this segment of late.. I think it's because I haven't had much time to listen to the radio and hear new music that I like for the Something New part of it, so I'm just listening to stuff I already know and enjoy. But sharing music is something that I love to do so I've made a little effort this week to find something that I haven't heard before and have really enjoyed and so I present to you: John Fullbright. He's an American singer-songwriter and I found his song on the program "Into the Pines" on FBi radio (9-11pm Tuesday evenings, 94.5fm). This song is called "Me Wanting You" and I've found it to be very beautiful; the combination of guitar and the accordion really works here. Not to mention I love his Oklahoma accent.

Now for Something Old; there never seems to be a shortage of pieces for this part of the segment. I'm playing something almost every week or two lately so it's really opening my ears to lots of different parts of classical music. I'm not a very big classical nerd so I don't know even half the repertoire that many of my friends do.. but that's ok because it means that when I get to play an SSO program I'm often discovering new things. This week I'm super excited to be part of an all Arvo Pärt program. Pärt is an Estonian composer born in 1935 (remember when I featured his Berliner Messe on the blog?). I find his music to be really beautiful and meaningful; this piece is called "Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten". I can't wait to play it this week!

Most people on YouTube have chosen to back the audio with images of cemeteries etc, but here is one of space and I think it's quite fitting. I don't really mind either way though so if you want the black and white tombstone experience:

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