Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Arghhhhhhhh! (excited argh: it's hard to tell through written word) It's my birthday in almost 10 days!! I am one of those people that gets excited about my birthday (I've been counting down since the beginning of the year almost). I thought that this year because I'm reaching an age at which I should probably be more mature I wouldn't be as annoying about my birthday, but the boyfriend can confirm that I have been counting down every day as annoyingly as when I was 14. So let this wish-list be the things I want for my birthday. In case people who read this blog want to buy me presents..

I am pretty good with choosing things I need for presents, because there's nothing worse than spending your well-saved (*ahem*) money on things that you need rather than want. So:

1. It's really come to my attention that as an aspiring professional musician I kinda need a recording device, to make CD's for taped auditions or recording my personal practice or any number of things. Over the last two years this has become glaringly obvious but then I always borrow someone else's and the need for a recorder dies down until the next occasion comes up. There is currently no occasion but it's about time I got one for myself. The "it"-recorder in the music world is made by ZOOM. Unfortunately I'm a little technically disabled in terms of researching which one would be best for me so I don't really know what model.. Suggestions anyone?

2. A bottle of gin. I'm quite serious; I've decided to have a little birthday party and I want to make a big jug of gin and tonic and pour it into tea cups for guests' enjoyment (my party is going to be along a granny/old-but-hip-cos-it's-a-new-replacement-hip theme). Anyway, it's going to expensive making all the food and everything (there will be the most amazing ice cream cake as well as other awesome food I love) so it would be really nice to not spend a lot of money on my own birthday party. (So this bottle of gin has to come before my party which is before my birthday on the 17th).

And that's as far as I've gotten with my birthday wish-list. Sorry there aren't any pictures.. I figured a picture of a recorder and a bottle of gin would be pretty lame.

On another note: have you noticed a little change with my blog? Well I'm trying to do a blogging coding course so I can make my blog more user-friendly and just how I like so there will be a few little changes of the next couple of months (hopefully: if I ever get better at computer coding..).

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