Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the To-Do List

Remember that amazing Dior campaign with Jennifer Lawrence? well here is another shot from it. I actually kind of adore this neck-scarf thing (or whatever it is). I think it would make a great DIY and I think I would begin to construct it by having two separate pieces. One piece that just goes around the neck with a couple of snap fasteners or buttons to secure it; and the other piece a long and wide piece which would be tied like a bow and attached to the previous piece. But as DIYs tend to be: it's probably easier said/imagined than done.

Image from here.
The mood-stricken black and white photograph of JL above is all well and good, but I also thought it was lovely in colour (red no less!) on Drew Barrymore. How would I wear it if I made one? That's a tough question now I think about it.. I would probably want to wear something backless so that the scarf really stood out and I would have my hair up because not all of us can face into the wind like DB. At the moment I can't think of anything in my wardrobe that would work with it, but that doesn't mean I won't try this DIY anyway. I know that I do a lot of these "on the To-do list" segments and never really get around to doing it but I think I actually want to give this one a go. Stay tuned.

Image from here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Campaigning (in a good way)

I love magazines (as you discovered in in that last, rather boring, Weekly Wish-list post) and it's not all about the articles guys, it's about the pictures. I love looking at the new ad campaigns and one of my particular favourites lately has been this Dior one:

Image from here.
And as I was google-imaging pictures to use on my blog I found out that this is in fact Jennifer Lawrence. *jaw drops*... What a surprise! I love Jennifer Lawrence and all in the Hunger Games (if you haven't heard of this then you clearly live under a huge rock a bigger rock than me) but she wasn't particularly convincing in Silver Linings Playbook, and beside that point I could never imagine her in a suit. I think she has looked great at a lot of red-carpet events and various photo shoots for various magazines but never would I have picked her to be rocking the masculine-yet-ultrasexyfeminine look. Here she is looking stunning and not at all like herself (not that I would know who/what "herself" truly is). For me, in this ad campaign, it's not so much about the bag as it is about the suit, even though apparently it's the bag they're campaigning. I have always always wanted to wear a suit jacket without anything underneath and I think this looks amazing right here. Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for such a fantastic image and I am always in awe at great fashion photography.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Snaps

Here are some happy snaps of my last few weeks, starting with the Sydney Royal Easter Show! This was probably one of the most awesome fun days I've had in ages, lots of baby animals and fairy floss and rides and face paint..

Next up I had a masterclass with Reinhard Goebel with Fellowship on a Bach Overture Suite for flute, strings and basso continuo. It was incredibly helpful and he seemed to help us breathe life into the piece (also he kept urging me to play louder; it's really nice to know I'm quite important =P). He is so energetic and passionate, and certainly a little eccentric.

Goebel Masterclass.
Estonian friends.

I also made some Estonian friends after the Arvo Pärt SSO program a couple of weeks ago. The Estonian choir came to do the program seeing as Arvo Pärt was Estonian. They were really lovely and we spoke about politics, economy, music, Sydney, Estonian, culture.. It was definitely worth hanging back to socialise even though my week had been so hectic and I mostly wanted to sleep.

And even more Fellowship photos, these two are from our road trip to Taree for a concert.

Concert after-party.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

I was going to do one of these earlier this week about a backpack. I have been wanting a backpack for a while because I think I'm tiring out my shoulder picking up my usual bags full of music. This way I can carry all my music on my back and sling my viola over one shoulder (I'm hoping this works better but maybe I'll just tire out my other shoulder..). On the advice of a very useful friend who has all kinds of good tips for all kinds of obscure things, I went on Rushfaster and found a very cool backpack. More to come about it in a probable Outfit Misfit post.

Anyway, that's not what's on the wish-list this week. I have been a bit busy lately doing all kinds of exciting things (there will be a Happy Snaps post soon!) and so I haven't been doing my usual fashion reading: i.e Harper's Bazaar and Vogue every month. This week I have rectified this and I read last month's Harper's Bazaar, which is actually this month but magazines always come out saying it's April when it's actually early March when they're released.. I know some of my regular readers who aren't fashionistas (thanks friends =) for still reading) might think I should be reading a real book instead, but reading these magazines isn't as brain-destroying as you might think. All areas require research and just as other areas might involve reading peer-reviewed articles this area involves reading high-end fashion magazines. I have really missed it, having not read either of these magazines properly for a good few months. And so, feeling a bit more caught up with what's happening in the fashion world, I'm going to show you what I loved most in the April issue of Harper's Bazaar (Australia. That's where I live in case you didn't know).

Found in The Look section titled: "Hue Beauty" were some amazingly colourful pieces (hence the amazingly horrifically pun-like title). What particularly struck me were the shoes from Tabitha Simmons and Marni. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture on the internet (I have no idea why not!) so you'll just have to look in the maggie yourself. I don't think I should take a picture of the page and post it up because that's probably against copyright.

So wasn't that just one of the most anti-climatic and directionless blog posts I've ever written.. Too bad! I'ma post it anyway, picture-less and all =)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Remember that time I spent a lot of money on shoes? Well there's another bunch of them on Moda Operandi again! I like these two the most, Moustache for serious occasions, Special Leaf for fun times.

Direct link to specs
Direct link to specs

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outfit Misfit

After today you will have seen everything that I bought in Melbourne (remember this and this?). This one has steadily become one of my favourite dresses, and let me tell you: I have a lot. Maybe because it's so simple (which is pretty interesting for Alannah Hill who tends to be OTT in a good way) and it's green. I think green is my favourite colour, I knitted my first sweater in a forest green colour.. Anyway, this dress seems to be a nice flattering shape as well as having pockets. These photos taken once again by Campbell in beautiful Sydney on a particularly fine and lovely Sunday morning.

I like to freak Campbell out by pretending to fall in water. Luckily I have not once fallen in (yet).
This is just a silly pose.
Getting ready to jump!

Did I mention that it has the most beautiful lining? Lots of friends have said that it's silly that something so pretty is on the inside, but I think that it's such a nice little secret for myself:

Change of location slightly: hello Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

Tourist at heart.

Dress: Alannah Hill
Socks: also Alannah Hill
Boots: Wittner

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On the To-Do List: Jacko Lantern Mandarin

I heard about this little project from a crafty friend of mine just last Sunday, so I thought I'd research it more on YouTube. So cool!

Also, who knew Americans called "mandarins" clementines?

Weekly Wish-list: still print mad

Throw-back Thursday to that time I was mad about some prints. I'm mad about prints all the time though.. mad MAD I tell you! (you know that evil mad voice? does it come across in written word?). I think #throwbackthursday is a little lame and that's just my 2 cents right there. So enough throwing back and time to look at some cool prints.

This first one is so awesome! It's completely psychedelic and reminds me of my Gorman skirt which is the same shape and also quite crazy. What this skirt lacks in colour contrast, it makes up for in trippiness; like one of those 3D illusion drawings. It's Rodarte and is found here on Moda Operandi.

This second one is a Marni top here on Moda Operandi and is also crazy. Maybe I'm just feeling crazy tonight.. I would actually love to wear the above skirt and this top together, I think that would look totally awesome and would make people near me feel dizzy and thereby stop people asking me for money.

Now lastly you might have thought I was in a geometric prints mood, but here we have a geometric print mixed with florals. Genius! I often find full floral prints a little grandma, unless they're really well done. This mixing gives it all an edgy look (I WANT IT!). It's Isolda and can be purchased here on Moda Operandi (btw I think I'm a size small if you want to buy it for me).

I honestly think I need more clothes that will make people dizzy so go ahead my billionaire reader/s, feel free.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

This week I've been feeling more and more inspired by gardening. I have always imagined that when I have a house I will have a garden and that's when I'll get into it, but I really want to start growing some flowers and veggies on my balcony now! I did a bit of research so this week I thought I'd show the fruits of my labour (pun?) and a book I really wish I owned:

And it wouldn't hurt to have these pretty things to help me garden...

Urban Eden Boutique watering can
Anthropologie watering can
Anthropologie pruning shears

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Door Art

Just in case you don't remember the ordeal that was: making my door a chalkboard.. Well here's this month's new art! It's space themed =) the planets aren't to scale or anything, but the do have the right number of moons (even Saturn, which has 60 moons by the way). There are also some constellations; at the top is Perseus, near "today is:" is Hercules, on the right side of Jupiter is Cassiopeia, below Jupiter is Orion, left of Saturn is Pisces and right of Saturn is the Southern Cross. I'm pretty proud of this theme.. =D

Monday, April 1, 2013

Something Old, Something New

I've been neglecting this segment of late.. I think it's because I haven't had much time to listen to the radio and hear new music that I like for the Something New part of it, so I'm just listening to stuff I already know and enjoy. But sharing music is something that I love to do so I've made a little effort this week to find something that I haven't heard before and have really enjoyed and so I present to you: John Fullbright. He's an American singer-songwriter and I found his song on the program "Into the Pines" on FBi radio (9-11pm Tuesday evenings, 94.5fm). This song is called "Me Wanting You" and I've found it to be very beautiful; the combination of guitar and the accordion really works here. Not to mention I love his Oklahoma accent.

Now for Something Old; there never seems to be a shortage of pieces for this part of the segment. I'm playing something almost every week or two lately so it's really opening my ears to lots of different parts of classical music. I'm not a very big classical nerd so I don't know even half the repertoire that many of my friends do.. but that's ok because it means that when I get to play an SSO program I'm often discovering new things. This week I'm super excited to be part of an all Arvo Pärt program. Pärt is an Estonian composer born in 1935 (remember when I featured his Berliner Messe on the blog?). I find his music to be really beautiful and meaningful; this piece is called "Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten". I can't wait to play it this week!

Most people on YouTube have chosen to back the audio with images of cemeteries etc, but here is one of space and I think it's quite fitting. I don't really mind either way though so if you want the black and white tombstone experience: