Friday, April 26, 2013

Campaigning (in a good way)

I love magazines (as you discovered in in that last, rather boring, Weekly Wish-list post) and it's not all about the articles guys, it's about the pictures. I love looking at the new ad campaigns and one of my particular favourites lately has been this Dior one:

Image from here.
And as I was google-imaging pictures to use on my blog I found out that this is in fact Jennifer Lawrence. *jaw drops*... What a surprise! I love Jennifer Lawrence and all in the Hunger Games (if you haven't heard of this then you clearly live under a huge rock a bigger rock than me) but she wasn't particularly convincing in Silver Linings Playbook, and beside that point I could never imagine her in a suit. I think she has looked great at a lot of red-carpet events and various photo shoots for various magazines but never would I have picked her to be rocking the masculine-yet-ultrasexyfeminine look. Here she is looking stunning and not at all like herself (not that I would know who/what "herself" truly is). For me, in this ad campaign, it's not so much about the bag as it is about the suit, even though apparently it's the bag they're campaigning. I have always always wanted to wear a suit jacket without anything underneath and I think this looks amazing right here. Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence for such a fantastic image and I am always in awe at great fashion photography.

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