Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outfit Misfit

After today you will have seen everything that I bought in Melbourne (remember this and this?). This one has steadily become one of my favourite dresses, and let me tell you: I have a lot. Maybe because it's so simple (which is pretty interesting for Alannah Hill who tends to be OTT in a good way) and it's green. I think green is my favourite colour, I knitted my first sweater in a forest green colour.. Anyway, this dress seems to be a nice flattering shape as well as having pockets. These photos taken once again by Campbell in beautiful Sydney on a particularly fine and lovely Sunday morning.

I like to freak Campbell out by pretending to fall in water. Luckily I have not once fallen in (yet).
This is just a silly pose.
Getting ready to jump!

Did I mention that it has the most beautiful lining? Lots of friends have said that it's silly that something so pretty is on the inside, but I think that it's such a nice little secret for myself:

Change of location slightly: hello Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

Tourist at heart.

Dress: Alannah Hill
Socks: also Alannah Hill
Boots: Wittner

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