Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly Wish-list: still print mad

Throw-back Thursday to that time I was mad about some prints. I'm mad about prints all the time though.. mad MAD I tell you! (you know that evil mad voice? does it come across in written word?). I think #throwbackthursday is a little lame and that's just my 2 cents right there. So enough throwing back and time to look at some cool prints.

This first one is so awesome! It's completely psychedelic and reminds me of my Gorman skirt which is the same shape and also quite crazy. What this skirt lacks in colour contrast, it makes up for in trippiness; like one of those 3D illusion drawings. It's Rodarte and is found here on Moda Operandi.

This second one is a Marni top here on Moda Operandi and is also crazy. Maybe I'm just feeling crazy tonight.. I would actually love to wear the above skirt and this top together, I think that would look totally awesome and would make people near me feel dizzy and thereby stop people asking me for money.

Now lastly you might have thought I was in a geometric prints mood, but here we have a geometric print mixed with florals. Genius! I often find full floral prints a little grandma, unless they're really well done. This mixing gives it all an edgy look (I WANT IT!). It's Isolda and can be purchased here on Moda Operandi (btw I think I'm a size small if you want to buy it for me).

I honestly think I need more clothes that will make people dizzy so go ahead my billionaire reader/s, feel free.

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