Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

I was going to do one of these earlier this week about a backpack. I have been wanting a backpack for a while because I think I'm tiring out my shoulder picking up my usual bags full of music. This way I can carry all my music on my back and sling my viola over one shoulder (I'm hoping this works better but maybe I'll just tire out my other shoulder..). On the advice of a very useful friend who has all kinds of good tips for all kinds of obscure things, I went on Rushfaster and found a very cool backpack. More to come about it in a probable Outfit Misfit post.

Anyway, that's not what's on the wish-list this week. I have been a bit busy lately doing all kinds of exciting things (there will be a Happy Snaps post soon!) and so I haven't been doing my usual fashion reading: i.e Harper's Bazaar and Vogue every month. This week I have rectified this and I read last month's Harper's Bazaar, which is actually this month but magazines always come out saying it's April when it's actually early March when they're released.. I know some of my regular readers who aren't fashionistas (thanks friends =) for still reading) might think I should be reading a real book instead, but reading these magazines isn't as brain-destroying as you might think. All areas require research and just as other areas might involve reading peer-reviewed articles this area involves reading high-end fashion magazines. I have really missed it, having not read either of these magazines properly for a good few months. And so, feeling a bit more caught up with what's happening in the fashion world, I'm going to show you what I loved most in the April issue of Harper's Bazaar (Australia. That's where I live in case you didn't know).

Found in The Look section titled: "Hue Beauty" were some amazingly colourful pieces (hence the amazingly horrifically pun-like title). What particularly struck me were the shoes from Tabitha Simmons and Marni. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture on the internet (I have no idea why not!) so you'll just have to look in the maggie yourself. I don't think I should take a picture of the page and post it up because that's probably against copyright.

So wasn't that just one of the most anti-climatic and directionless blog posts I've ever written.. Too bad! I'ma post it anyway, picture-less and all =)


  1. I <3 magazines!! Such a special treat. I used to always think they were too expensive; but now I know it is important to enjoy these pretty fun things often. These days I might enjoy Vogue, Cosmo, Cleo, Marie Claire. What are your picks? Vogue?

    <3 jen

  2. Yeah they are awesome! I usually try to get Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Frankie. Luckily some lovely friends got me a Frankie subscription and Lil gets a Vogue subscription so most days all I have to get is Harper's. (and then Lil will be Shop til you drop, Madison, Marie Claire, etc)