Monday, May 20, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Sometimes you have to do it: put up a photo of yourself which you don't actually like.. (#firstworldproblems). A little while back I took a number of photos for three different outfits but none of them are really to my liking. The lighting wasn't right, the picture was fuzzy, it wasn't dynamic or interesting.. well it was all a bit disappointing even though it had the possibility to be amazing! However, I feel I owe it to you all to do an outfit post. I apologise that this one is a little bit of a cheat because it's all about a bag; a backpack no less. Rest assured that I will try and do better with my photo-taking (it's a lot harder than you'd think: to get a great and interesting picture in a good location with the person you want to take the picture of you! Not to mention I'm running out of clothes..)

I'm getting off track. The aforementioned bag from Rushfaster coming up! 

The above is the picture I don't like of myself. This was taken a while ago by my brother when I first got the bag. It happened to be Anzac Day, a very appropriate day to be wearing a poppy backpack. Below I felt the bag deserved it's own closeup.. It's the Eastpak "Pakr" bag which I bought off the Rushfaster website and has a 30-year warranty and is made from military materials.

And lastly a photo from the unsuccessful shoot:

Maybe I'm just being fussy but I don't think the lighting compliments the bag very well.. and that was the focus of this outfit. Anyway, I've been using this bag for a good three months now and it's holding up very well to it's 30-year warranty expectations. I absolutely adore it because it is lightweight, better for my posture, holds exactly what I need it to hold (taking my lunch in to "work" is so easy now) and is colourful and happy.


Shoes: Wittner.
Backpack: Eastpak.

P.S (off topic): suggestions welcomed for new chalkboard door art themes. Last month's was space, and I've also done insects, beach, and Christmas. What do you want to see me draw on the back of my door?


  1. I want to see a space and planets theme! :D

    1. I just said last months' theme was space... =P Want to suggest another?

  2. location of the shoot is very pretty.
    Hmm about desserts or fruits? I've got food on the brain as usual...

    <3 jen