Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something Old, Something New

I haven't done one of these in ages!! I know that for some of you this is not one of your favourite segments.. but I think it's good for me to search for new musical gems, or even rediscover old ones. So today the Old part of this segment is something that I'm playing on tour with the Sydney Symphony this week (to Canberra and Albury). And when I say "I'm playing" I don't mean the solo ;P  It's the Brahms violin concerto which I haven't listened to since I went on a tour with the orchestra at uni to New York and heard Pinchas Zukerman playing it with the New York Philharmonic. I think it's a great concerto and has some beautiful bits of lyricism which make me swoon. Just to be patriotic and loyal I'm posting here a Sydney Symphony version with Ray Chen from 2011. It's only part of the first movement of this concerto but I encourage you to go find the whole thing and have a listen.

Now Something New: The Decemberists "January Hymn". I think this is such a beautiful little song and I always like it when the diction is clear ;) I searched my iTunes for some inspiration and shuffled my songs and this came up as the first non-classical song I had and I can't remember even listening to it before.. I think I might discover some more of their music now! I love that about music, there is never nothing more to discover and the just taking a chance and buying a whole album on the basis of one song is always so exciting.

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  1. The Brahms was cool! SSO sound great! But German youtube won't let me watch the January Hymn :(