Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

I haven't been blogging recently and as a result a few things have come up on my wish-list. So let today be a higgledy-piggledy mash-up of unrelated goods:

I really want need a new wallet. It is a matter of life importance. My current wallet is a Mimco which I bought a couple of years ago. It is not holding up to the destruction that is Time, and that is incredibly disappointing. I'm not willing to go Mimco again because I hoped it would last more than a couple of years and also because there is nothing that really takes my fancy there at the moment. So I had little look on Mulberry, which is a lot more affordable than Miu Miu or other things I love let me tell you. Here's the one I want: the Eliza Continental Wallet.

Specs here.

I know that it's cream, and that's not the most Time-withstanding shade of wallet to have.. but it's so pretty.

I promised myself I would provide a retail reward after my audition; lift the shopping ban briefly. On Monday I was just browsing through Instagram and saw a picture Gorman posted of a pink wool dress. And it gets better: it has pockets! Or should I say had, because it is completely out of stock everywhere in my size in the gorgeous pink colour (and you know me, no way am I warranting the spending of that much money on a black dress). So this one will continue to be on my forever-wish-I-had-bought-that list.

This is the instagram image that lured me in in the first place..
You should check the specs here and go buy it if you're a size 10/12/14/Ihateyou
Now because my Gorman adventure failed, I went over to Alannah Hill where I haven't been shopping for a while (cheer me on my saving money adventure!). But then I fell in love with this cape.. I adore capes, it's like my weird fetish, and this one ticked quite a number of boxes: 1. it's not a boring colour, 2. it has pockets, 3. it has a super cute lining.

Pardon the face.. I was talking to the shop lady at the same time.
I adore this lining!
So danger alert for my bank account: buy 2 full price items and receive a third for free promotion now on at AH...


  1. Ahhh! That lining alone is worth it!!!

  2. you look gorge in the yellow cape!