Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

I absolutely cannot wait until The Great Gatsby comes out in the movies; I read the book so I've fulfilled the requirements. On the wish-list today, Gatsby-themed gorgeousness. These two are dreaming-only dresses as they're from Moda Operandi. The first dress is looks almost like she's wearing a long draping necklace and is so stunning. The second one is my absolute favourite because it's got that interesting back (something that I love in a dress) it has a gorgeous slouchy feel typical of the 20's and nice contrast in the floral section. I'm in love with it. Click on the links in the captions if you really want to know how expensive they are...

Looky here and get a closer look at that bead detail. Stunning.

Make sure you zoom in on the detail!
Check the specs here.

Oh and how about this butterfly "crown". I absolutely adore it.. *sigh*

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  1. how was the movie?

    And could i trouble you for a blog lesson sometime? I started an account but had a fair bit of trouble navigating! I'll exchange you for a session as your photographer? ;)

    <3 jen