Saturday, June 29, 2013

On the To-Do List

Lately I've become more and more intrigued in the fabric-making process. Every time I go to a fabric shop I find that I can never find much near what I invent in my head.. (which is to be expected I guess). I would love to be able to create my own textiles and I found this interesting thing on Pinterest about sun-dyeing/painting and thought it was kinda cool. Not exactly what I'm after but pretty amazing anyway.

Here's the place where it was "pinned" from.
Interesting effect created by placing leaves/flowers/whateveryouwant on the dyed fabric and then leaving it in the sun. The website where I got the "pin" from doesn't give further details or instructions but this one here gives a good outline of it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

One Designer; One Love. But not really.. 3 loves! Here are my picks from Peter Pilotto's Resort 2014 collection. He first caught my eye when he collab'ed with a swimwear company and made some cool looking pieces; capitalising on this day and age's technology and doing fancy stuff with digital printing. 

No.1 the "Cassandra" dress. I love green and I think it's mixed well with white and black here and the print is fantastic. I used to think I couldn't do dresses with sleeves but recently bought one and worked out I can (to come in an Outfit Misfit post sometime in the future).

Clicky the Linky

No.2 the "Tabitha" trousers. Just the right amount of risqué here with the sheer-ness level increasing down the trouser leg. I just want to lounge about with some dark lipstick on and a martini in some smokey lounge-bar in these..

Check out the jacket too. Not sure if it looks that great with the pants. A silky black top would've done the trick for me.

No.3 the "Marissa" dress. This one is all me in terms of colour and print: I adore it. So bright and happy! Unlike the pants above I reckon I could wear this pretty much anywhere (if someone donated it to me I would show you exactly how! =P)

This is where you can see the faint-inducing price.

Which one of those 3 is your favourite?

Something Old, Something New

Well hasn't it been absolutely forever since I've blabbered away here?! I'm going to try and be a bit better with it now and actually blog. So seeing as it's Monday it's time for some tunes!

Something Old first and it's something I'm currently playing as part of the Sydney Symphony Fellowship. It's a Beethoven String Quartet, op.59 no.3 in C major, one of the "Razumovsky" quartets. The were commissioned by Andreas Razumovsky, a visiting Russian ambassador, and were written in 1806. This one is super fun to play especially this last movement I'm sharing today. I'm so glad I (the violist) gets to start it! Although it can be scary to start something like that it's much easier than jumping on someone else's bandwagon and at least then I don't have to count. Please listen: it's not very long and it's really cheerful and exciting =)

Pretty cool eh. Want to come watch me do it? Then be at the Independent Theatre in North Sydney on Friday 5th July at 7pm!

Something New this week is from a movie that I watched just last night with one of the other Fellows. It's really happy and nice and perfect for this rainy, gloomy Monday.