Monday, June 24, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Well hasn't it been absolutely forever since I've blabbered away here?! I'm going to try and be a bit better with it now and actually blog. So seeing as it's Monday it's time for some tunes!

Something Old first and it's something I'm currently playing as part of the Sydney Symphony Fellowship. It's a Beethoven String Quartet, op.59 no.3 in C major, one of the "Razumovsky" quartets. The were commissioned by Andreas Razumovsky, a visiting Russian ambassador, and were written in 1806. This one is super fun to play especially this last movement I'm sharing today. I'm so glad I (the violist) gets to start it! Although it can be scary to start something like that it's much easier than jumping on someone else's bandwagon and at least then I don't have to count. Please listen: it's not very long and it's really cheerful and exciting =)

Pretty cool eh. Want to come watch me do it? Then be at the Independent Theatre in North Sydney on Friday 5th July at 7pm!

Something New this week is from a movie that I watched just last night with one of the other Fellows. It's really happy and nice and perfect for this rainy, gloomy Monday.

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