Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

This week I've chosen a theme: nautical!

1. Shoreline Soiree dress from Modcloth - isn't it just so simple and gorgeous?
2. Whale of a Tale sweater from C Wonder - too cute.
3. Pave Anchor stud earring from Betsey Johnson.
4. Octopus Patch sweater by Opening Ceremony, found on ShopBop. One that I really wanted to buy from Moda Operandi which was on sale a little while ago but I resisted.. (regret?)
5. Swimming in Thoughts notebook set also from Modcloth - I want these so badly! But I have so many notebooks already..

As far as themes go this one is pretty time-withstanding. I think any of these pieces would still be fun to wear/use in many years to come.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Win free tickets!

This week at the Sydney Symphony we're playing a full Wagner opera! It's the Flying Dutchman and there will be images projected onto screens that look like sails of a ship. The opera is about a guy (who's dutch presumably) who is doomed to sail the seas for eternity, but is allowed on shore once every 7 years to find the woman who will save him. It's some pretty cool music and there are a couple of free tickets to give away. Check out the Fellowship Blog for more details. Here's a little "best of" video:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Something Old, Something New

It's Monday! Which = Music. (Btw I know that Sunday means outfit post and it's been yonks since I've done one: let's just say it's a combination of me being and lazy and lack of available and willing photographers. Hopefully one up next Sunday!). So, back to music. I'm surrounded by music all day everyday and usually I love it. There are some days though, where I find it hard to find inspiration, or feel a want to listen to music for pleasure. Today I turned not the radio for the first time in a long while and listened to ABC Classic fm and lo and behold I was hooked and stuck in my car listening to a funky piano trio. I love discovering cool new pieces in the classical repertoire (and there are so many!). So here it is: Shostakovich Piano Trio no.2, the second movement is super fun and makes me want to whip out my violin and give it a crack.

I was trying to find Something New which would relate to/compliment Shostakovich.. Well, not really to anyone's surprise: nothing came up. So here is something on a really happy-boppy note. Maybe it's a little teenager-dance-party-callmemaybe but I like the upbeat feel. the music video is also fun and Djokovic is there! Here is: Martin Solveig and Dragonette Hello.

Happy Monday!