Monday, October 7, 2013

Outfit Misfit

Usually Outfit Misfit posts are on Sundays but seeing as it's a long weekend here in Sydney I thought I'd shake it up a bit and post it on Monday night (read: lazy and forgot to do it yesterday). Today's post features possibly my new favourite dress! It's a big huge call saying I have a favourite dress but I really feel like this is it: comfortable, colourful.. well those are my two big criteria. It's by Marimekko, a Finnish design company with beautiful fabrics. Unfortunately I haven't taken proper blog photos for this outfit.. but luckily I've been wearing it all the time and have some nice photos anyway.

Perfect with tights in winter. Here I am in a graffiti street-art filled alley. (Sorry about my posture! 
Perfect sans tights for summer! BYO cellist to sit on.
Close-up of the fabric.

How was your long weekend?

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