Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weekly Wish-list

Image and purchasing from here.
Image from here.

Today's Weekly Wish-list picks proudly brought to you by zebras and SS 2014 fashion shows. The one on the left is by Stella Jean and the one on the right is by SUNO. I've always loved a bit of a print, and I'm sure you guys all know this now, but I love how both designers have paired the zany zebra with bright colours and interesting cuts. On the one hand we have a le pouff skirt and on the other a blazer-esque dress; both shapes I'm attracted to right now (or maybe it's just the stripy horse..). Both of these looks I came across whilst following various fashion-royals on Instagram; Stella Jean is a designer whom I've featured on this blog before but SUNO is a completely new name to me. It's so cool that technology can allow me to see images (and video!) of the fashion shows instantly and come across names I'd never encountered. Stella Jean is an Italian designer who sources prints made by women living in villages in Burkina Faso and SUNO (NY) started using vintage Kenyan textiles. It's amazing to see the exotic and ethnic influences of these two very different designers.

However, I think it's important to think about the fact that these clothes are being sold for $500-$1000 and what percentage of this money is going where. I love fashion and the fashion world but when it comes down to it: it's really selfish to put so much money into what should be an essential that so many of the people in the world cannot even afford. The cost of one designer skirt could probably clothe a whole village! But that's an issue for a debate day with myself someday..

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