Saturday, January 18, 2014

Haute Courture

If you're not from Australia and not a tennis fan then you probably don't know that the Australian Open is currently being played in Melbourne. I have to admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to tennis (nor the most interested) but at pleas from my boyfriend I sat down and watched the game last night. Playing: Sam Stosur and Ana Ivanovic. It was kind of exciting and fairly interesting, having been explained the rules I was pretty well following what was going on. More exciting and extremely interesting though was the fashion for the court.

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I personally disliked Stosur's look by Asics (first image) finding it boring and unflattering. As much as I would love to support Australia in all areas this was an outfit I could not support. The block colour was a pink that should be left in the coloured pens drawer of a 13-year-old girl and it was altogether same same same: same colour visor, same colour dress, same colour shoes. I do note the white accents in the form of her wrist-bands and socks (and shoe detail) but it wasn't enough to create interest.

Ana Ivanovic, on the other-hand, not only dominated the court with tennis but also with fashion. This Adidas outfit was a success for me because of the colour contrasts: that blue so like the colour of the court juxtaposed with the flashes of hot orange in the bike shorts (are they still called bike shorts in a tennis outfit?), sports bra and visor. The white shoes and wristbands were a nice touch to stop the outfit being too matchy-matchy. The blue dress the colour of the court and the white shoes and wristbands the colour of the court-lines was an effect not lost on me.

Blue-court fashion vs red-carpet fashion has some clear differences. One being that apparently it's totally OK to wear the same outfit as someone else. Daniela Hantuchova was slammed on this site for wearing the Ivanovic Adidas dress, but not because she was being a copy-cat or style-stealer, it was because of the cowl neck that apparently serves no functional purpose and "tries so hard to be tennis couture". Well sure, it's not entirely functional. But neither does it hinder performance, as seen in Ivanovic's defeat of Stosur last night. I believe it gives a femininity to the player that is often forgotten about. Comparing the above two images note that both women are strong and athletic, but Ivanovic looks more lady-like. Many would argue that looking like your sex on the court has nothing to do with it and that they're not there to pick-up, but I stand by my opinion that even though you may be playing sport, no matter what you do: there is always time and scope for looking pretty and feeling beautiful. I believe this is the function of the cowl neck in this Adidas dress.

Speaking of pretty and beautiful, I may be getting a crush on Ivanovic. Let's take a look at the outfit one more time:

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