Saturday, January 11, 2014

Model Crush

I get girl-crushes on models (in case you don't know what a girl-crush is here is: urban dictionary's definition). With models it's mostly a physical beauty fascination for me, although I do get girl crushes on other people based on other attributes right now I'm entranced by this British model: Claudia Devlin. I came across her whilst whiling away some time on Lisa Eldridge's site (btw an amazing website for makeup with heaps of video tutorials, which I've mentioned on this blog before). I don't wear makeup day-to-day but I find it a really interesting area and love watching it so I got in a bit of a YouTube spiral of death watching these makeup videos by Lisa Eldridge and came across one starring this stunning model.

The above is the second video done by Mary Greenwell as a guest artist for Lisa Eldridge and I love the look she created for the eyes and the vampy lip. Claudia has the most stunning eyes and skin and face and I am girl-crushing hard. The below is a video Lisa did using vintage Biba makeup on Claudia (that's Biba Fever not Bieber Fever).

More pictures!!

 Credits: Image 1Image 2Image 3.

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