Sunday, January 12, 2014

Outfit Misfit

Trawling through my photos on my computer I've found blog photos enough for a month of these posts! My favourite blog photographer, Berny, recently moved overseas so it's been a bit haphazard since then to find people to take pictures for me. So lately I've been asking my boyfriend to just take photos of me whilst we're out doing fun things in fun places so I can use them for Outfit Misfit posts  (stay tuned for next week: a showcase of his photography skills). To be honest though, Berny remains my favourite and it's because she captures all the in-between moments when I'm not trying to smile and look nice and I'm doing something natural and happen to look nice (or incredibly silly.. and you folks know how I don't mind sharing my silly photos). She is a fantastic friend and I love her dearly and miss her most. So here is an Outfit Misfit that she shot when she was back visiting in Australia late last year.

Popping dat collar.
One of the awkward in-between moments caught so skilfully by Berny.

Last September I went to Melbourne for an audition and made sure I had a couple of days after for some shopping. I will always be a Sydney girl through and through but something about Melbourne's charmingly cluttered lanes makes for the best shopping experience. And also they have some boutique designers like Kinki Gerlinki which can only be found in Melbourne. And it can be fun living like a hipster for a few days. Back to the point though, I was in Melbourne and it was time to shop. I had heard about Scotch and Soda, a design [… here I wanted to say more about S&S but looked up their website and it is taking a million years to load the "about" page. Seeing as my other pages all load fine I conclude that their website is not user friendly …] and took myself off there for some retail therapy. As you know I'm trying to save money, not spend, so I only allowed myself to buy two new items on this Melbourne trip. I had had thoughts of a denim shirt creeping 'round my brain for a long time by now (guesses approx. 1 year) and when I went into Scotch and Soda and saw all their goodies I knew this was going to be the time and place to realise the fantasy. I love that this denim shirt mixes denims, dark and light, and is incredibly soft. If you buy nothing else this year I urge you all to purchase something from Scotch and Soda because not only do they have fun and great quality pieces, THEY ALL SMELL SO AMAZING. I'm not sure how they do it but the smell of new S&S clothing is incredible (sadly, my new smell has left). One of the reasons why I had been thinking for so long about a denim shirt was that I needed to turn over in my mind how versatile a piece it could be and how useful an item in my wardrobe it could become. The first outfit thought was to double denim: jeans with shirt, and I was pleasantly pleased to put denim shirt with geometric skirt to trumpets of success (in my mind anyway and by the way it is my old-time favourite  versatile skirt).

And now my hair is no longer pink and I'm mourning the loss of a much-loved accessory (I think it really is a part of this outfit). But it was time for the pink to go and for me to return to normal-people hair.

Shirt: Scotch and Soda
Skirt: Gorman
Socks: Alannah Hill
Boots: Wittner
Hair clip: Alannah Hill

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