Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outfit Misfit

Christmas is long gone and the trees are lying in the gutters discarded and sad waiting for the green garbage truck to pick them up. But not here on Wish-ToDo-Play! Christmas is alive a well and here is a festive outfit for you. What's more misfit than an outfit worn completely out of season? Featuring my first serious clothing purchase from Alannah Hill: I remember it being 2011 and I was stopped in my tracks by this red sequinned-lace beauty in the shop window "The Little Posh Frock". As any rational human being does, naturally, I instantly thought that it would be perfect for my upcoming 3rd year recital for university. The reasons were this: covers the shoulders (yet not restricting), respectable length of skirt, respectable neckline, and good level of sparkle factor for performance. I had to have it. Entering the store I almost fainted at the $489 price tag: full-price full-sequinned Alannah Hill does not come cheap. After a week a day deliberating I finally convinced myself it was worth it and I haven't regretted the decision since. Although I may be overdressed sometimes, there's nothing wrong with that. When wearing an overly dressy dress it's important to consider the shoes. To take it down a notch I pair these kind of dresses with shoes of the pajama dressing trend.

Yes, I'm in a graveyard. It's the Camperdown Cemetery of St Stephen's church in Newtown and has some really old graves. I love the symmetry of cemeteries and the peace and cool that can be felt there. This could function as an Alannah Hill ad campaign as there is only one thing on me that isn't and that is the shoes. I'd like to draw your attention to my relatively new AH bag now! I was ruminating on this one for a while and as soon as it went on sale I pounced like a mountain lion on a deer with a broken leg. Although it's small and completely beaded I've found it's been really versatile so far: it goes with a number of different outfits, albeit mainly for parties, and fits everything it needs to fit for those occasions.

The belt is actually a dark velvet green, which doesn't come up clearly in these pictures. That's what makes the outfit truly festive.

Dress: Alannah Hill
Belt: Alannah Hill
Hair clip: Alannah Hill
Bag: Alannah Hill
Slipper shoes: Witchery

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