Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Something Old, Something New

Ok, to be honest that's ^ a lie. It's only going to be Something New today because I haven't been listening to any classical music lately. I've really been taking a big ol' break from the music thing which has made me feel both great and guilty at the same time. I swear I'll be back in the swing of things soon.. But for now here is a song from an album I have recently acquired and am falling in love with; again another great shazam from FBi radio. According to wikipedia the band is indie-rock from Cincinnati, Ohio: The National (btw you should definitely click that link because they have one of the best websites I've seen of any band). I'm not sure what attracts me so to their music: there's a kind of predictability to the harmony/melody which I don't normally like but at the same time the sound is nostalgic like from the 70s or something. The lyrics are really haunting and interesting and although I'm dying to look them up on the net I feel like I want to just keep listening and have them reveal themselves to me the more I get familiar with it. This particular song I'm going to share with you makes me feel I'm in a floaty dress barefoot, hair down, swaying slowly on a massive dance floor with school-disco lights struggling to shine through the misty fog of hot and sweaty bodies (except that I'm alone on the dance-floor).

I'm really enjoying discovering this whole album, I highly recommend you get into it.

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