Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekly Wish-list

Welcome to 2014! I hope your year has started off swimmingly. As an Australian, my New Years almost always start off swimmingly: gorgeous weather, stunning Sydney beaches, holidays.. So it's no surprise that my latest obsession has been with swimwear. It's actually a long story as to why I was looking for swimwear in the first place, seeing as I've been avoiding shopping like the good girl-who's-going-to-be-living-overseas-for-two-years I am: I lost my well-loved Zimmermann bikini bottoms and Seafolly top. Now, as any good Aussie girl who is slightly interested in fashion and who loves to swim does, naturally, I have more than one piece of swimwear. I have a gorgeous Zimmermann one-piece which was bought in one of those moments where one is so absorbed by how beautiful the piece is without thinking of the practicality of it (it's a pale pink rose number, making me look naked from afar) and a Zimmermann bandeau bikini top. So the choices are: look naked, or wear a bikini top and no bottoms.. (Fine print: This is not to say that I don't absolutely adore the Zimmermann pale pink one-piece. I do still wear it, nothing wrong with looking a little naked from time to time). 

So for the first time ever I was in Sydney on Boxing Day and went out with my sister on a mission: wok, swimmers, wallet (needless to say I bought a few other things as well..) On the search for swimmers I went into Zimmermann, my swimwear designer of choice, to check out the things on sale. Of course, the thing I fell in love with was in fact new season and not a chance of being on sale. I tried it on, probably my biggest mistake, and now I've been obsessed with it ever since.

Entitled: Verano Laser Frill 1 pc

Isn't it gorgeous? Perfect colours, flattering frills, slightly sexy deep neckline.. *sigh*  It also comes in bikini form but it didn't quite strike the same chord with me as the one piece did.

If I were to spend the $$$ on new swimwear which one would get your vote?

P.S I bought a pair of Zimmermann swimmer bottoms on sale at David Jones for $20 that are the same colour as the pair I lost and will work with the bandeau bikini top I have in my drawer already. Round of applause please for being good and saving money.

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