Sunday, February 16, 2014

Outfit Misfit

This week's Outfit Misfit is a homage to my pink hair, oh how it is missed (sometimes). Also my first foray into double denim.

Double denim has been quite the fad for quite some time now and even when trying to be a gal that doesn't follow trends that are out quicker than they're in, somehow by osmosis these things get lodged in my brain. I generally have an idea and ruminate over it for a while when it comes to style and fashion. My decision to pink up my hair was a seedling slowly growing in the fertile soil of my brian over many months until finally I was ready to do it. I think it's because I need to make sure I'm going to get the most out of whatever it is I'm deciding on and am mentally matching outfits, seeing how many times I would be able to wear the item etc. So the idea of getting a denim shirt was practically a tree in my brain by the time I actually got one. (It's important to note here that quality in-price-range denim shirts are harder to find than one might think). The denim shirt that fitted my bill was found at Scotch and Soda and after acquiring it I have been waiting for the opportunity to try some double denim.

I'm a GreenTree! (Sick of the tree/plants/growing metaphor? Well TOO BAD :P)

Double denim, in my opinion, works best when set off with a splash of colour. Here I've used my pink hair (R.I.P) and a flower crown. The combination of slippers and pearl earrings is me going for a laid-back yet still sophisticated chic look (and honestly: nothing better than a pearl earring with denim).

Shirt: Scotch and Soda
Jeans: J Brand
Flower crown: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Witchery
Pearl earrings: Mum's

Photos were taken on the way to the PowerHouse Museum through Darling Harbour outside a Japanese Gardens area. Photographer: Michael.

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  1. love the shirt! I'm going to start my blog soon :) xxjen