Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Snaps: Flashback to Freiburg

I took a bit of a blog break to look after myself a bit more and take care of some goals more important to me (practice and keeping physically well). I've been to the southernmost part of Australia and back and I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I hope you have all been well!

In two months I'm off to Germany to audition for masters degree positions so I'm ramping up my German study. I've been introduced to an amazing blog Fluent in 3 months and been gifted the book by the blog author; it's really inspired me to reach my language goals. I decided to write these goals down and share them with you:

Main Goal: German skills at level B2 in 2 months (click here for a link to the reference table for language skills and to read the description of B2). I've decided to define it a bit better suited to myself: firstly I want to be able to converse comfortably with a native speaker the way I would in English. Not only do I want to be able to have a good first conversation, but a second and third and fourth etc. stretching beyond the "I do this, what do you do?, today I did" etc. Secondly I want to be able to discuss music in terms of my profession with other musicians.

This week is Week 1 and I'm determined to push myself through all the revision of my German skills I had when I went last time (2012). I've been working out of a great book and I'm going to catch up to where I book-marked I was up to in 2012.

  • A chapter of my German book a day. Friday should be the last catch-up chapter day.
  • Use my der die and das  flashcards when I have spare time during the day. 
  • Practice and memorise two pages of verbs from the verb book I made (fyi this is about 24 verbs).
  • Have at least three conversations of 20 minutes duration with a German speaker.

Here are some happy snaps from my time in Freiburg, to help with the inspiration.